DRC: unanimous condemnations after the coup attempt DRC: unanimous condemnations after the coup attempt

DRC: unanimous condemnations after the coup attempt

DRC: unanimous condemnations after the coup attempt
On Sunday, May 19, armed men attacked the Palais de la Nation, office of Congolese President FΓ©lix Tshisekedi, as well as the residence of Vital Kamerhe, former deputy prime minister and candidate for president of the National Assembly, in Kinshasa. The Congolese government condemned this attempted coup and praised the work of the security forces who managed to foil the attack.

The Ministry of Communication and Media expressed this condemnation in a press release: “The Government of the Republic strongly condemns this attempt to destabilize the country’s institutions.” The document specifies that the group of attackers, led by former captain Christian Malanga, included several nationalities, including Congolese, Americans and a British.

During the attack, two police officers lost their lives while protecting Vital Kamerhe's residence. Four attackers, including Christian Malanga, were killed and forty others captured. The work of the security forces, who managed to thwart the attack, was praised by the government, which also called on the population to be vigilant.

Residents of Kinshasa also condemned this attempted coup. Didier Tshinzu, a resident of the capital, said: “We are in a democratic country, so we cannot accept these kinds of coups that are attempted at any time. This country has a president, FΓ©lix Antoine Tshisekedi. The enemies of peace are always looking for a coup.

Samuel Kangule, another resident, added: “As a citizen, I condemn this act. It can have bad repercussions on the country. If our leaders are attacked, why not us, the people?

Jean Tambwe, also from Kinshasa, is not of the same opinion: “Christian Malanga, I don't know him, but I am happy with what they did. Vital Kamerhe should not be there as president of the National Assembly.

The African Union also reacted. Moussa Faki Mahamat, president of the African Union Commission, strongly condemned this action: “I am happy with the control of the situation announced by the Congolese army. I condemn any use of force to change the constitutional order in any African state.

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