Medical advice for those who suffer from thinness Medical advice for those who suffer from thinness

Medical advice for those who suffer from thinness

Medical advice for those who suffer from thinness
Dr. Yelena Ostrovskaya, an endocrinologist, preventive and anti-aging medicine specialist, indicates that to gain weight, you must eat three regular meals of food daily.

According to her, low muscle mass, or muscle atrophy, is primarily a lack of energy even for routine daily activities. Muscular dystrophy can also negatively affect the functioning of internal organs, because it develops not only in the skeletal muscles of the arms, legs and torso, but also in the diaphragm, heart muscle and muscles of other internal organs.

In addition, low body weight can pose a risk to a woman's health if she suffers from a deficiency in fat mass, which is a reservoir for various hormones, especially the estrogen group, as a deficiency of these hormones can lead to an imbalance in the menstrual cycle, and even the absence of menstruation. Also, the lack of sex hormones against the background of a sharp decrease in body weight often causes problems in reproductive function in women.

She says: “If the goal of gaining weight is to recover from a serious illness or achieve an ideal appearance, the basic principle in this case is to eat at least three meals a day. Because when you eat a large amount of food in one meal, the body will not absorb all of it.” Nutrients: Partial meals also help increase the likelihood of absorbing all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for weight gain, so it is necessary to follow a balanced diet that contains the correct proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The doctor indicates that the percentage of protein in the daily diet should not be less than 25 percent of daily calories, fats - about 30 percent, and carbohydrates 45 percent. Of course, it is better for every meal to contain these nutrients. It must also be ensured that the adult gets at least 70 grams of pure protein daily, that is, from eating 3-4 meals to improve the absorption process. Preference should also be given to complex carbohydrates.

According to her, of course, you can eat simple carbohydrates - sweets and starchy foods, but these foods, in addition to weight gain, cause inflammation and disruption of the metabolism. But eating nuts is beneficial because they contain protein, fats and mineral elements. Dried fruits also help gain weight because they contain a high percentage of dietary fiber.

According to her, there is no need to accelerate the process of weight gain, because it has negative consequences. Therefore, a weight gain of 5-10 percent within half a year is considered normal and healthy.

The doctor indicates that weight loss may be due to thyroid disease and type 1 diabetes. Or due to infections such as ulcerative colitis. Cancer patients also suffer from low weight after undergoing surgery. The reason may be following a strict low-calorie diet or a vegetarian diet.


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