Sun with amazing details Sun with amazing details

Sun with amazing details

Sun with amazing details

The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter mission captured video depicting plasma flowing into the sun's hotter outer corona in a stunning view.

The video, recorded by Solar Orbiter using the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI), shows unusual features on the Sun, including coronal rain.

The European Space Agency said that the brightest areas have a temperature of about one million degrees Celsius, while cold spots appear darker because they absorb radiation.

Strange features can be observed around the center of sunspot clusters, where magnetic conditions are strong and large coronal loops form.

A phenomenon known as "coronavirus" extends over two layers of the atmosphere, the chromosphere and the corona. While the feature "spicules" (which are tall towers of gas) can be seen on the solar horizon, which reach the top of the chromosphere.

As for coronal rain, it consists of high-density masses of plasma falling toward the Sun under the influence of gravity.

It is noteworthy that ambitious space missions, such as Solar Orbiter, Parker, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, provide us with unprecedented views of the Sun, which helps astronomers learn more about the star of our solar system.


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