The best exercise to lower blood pressure The best exercise to lower blood pressure

The best exercise to lower blood pressure

The best exercise to lower blood pressure
Health experts advise the necessity of exercising to help lower blood pressure, and take a look at the best exercises suitable for this condition.

They explained that exercises that include fixed positions to tighten the muscles (isometric exercise), such as the plank exercise and the squat position leaning against the wall, are in fact the best way to lower blood pressure, in addition to providing a number of health benefits, the most important of which are:

1. Improve heart health

Jamie Edwards, lecturer in exercise physiology from the University of East London, has shown that isometric exercise improves the function, structure and mechanics of the heart, the health of our vascular system and the performance of our autonomic nervous system. 

This is due to the unique nature of constant muscle contraction, which compresses blood vessels and thus increases blood flow after stopping exercise.

2. Improve joint health

Muscles play an important role in reducing the force on joint ligaments, by helping to achieve stability around the joint. Research shows that training specific muscle groups through isometric exercises can help reduce stress on certain ligaments.

3. Treating muscle imbalance

It is common for the muscles on one side of your body to be stronger than the other. This occurs in part because we prefer to use one side of the body over the other. But this may increase the risk of injury and may also affect athletic performance.

Doing isometric exercises may help reduce strength differences between limbs.

4. Improve performance

Isometric exercises are effective in improving strength in specific static positions, because they activate very specific muscles or muscle groups.

Isometric exercises can be done well anywhere, because they use only your body weight to challenge your muscles.

It is also recommended to consult a healthcare practitioner before starting a new exercise plan, to ensure it is safe and effective. 


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