A scientist warns of an “intelligent” danger threatening humanity A scientist warns of an “intelligent” danger threatening humanity

A scientist warns of an “intelligent” danger threatening humanity

A scientist warns of an “intelligent” danger threatening humanity
Professor Roman Yampolsky from the American University of Louisville, in an interview with journalist Lex Friedman, warned that the imminent creation of general artificial intelligence will inevitably deprive humanity of the future.

According to him, the term artificial general intelligence is understood as a system capable of working in all areas in which humans work. Recently, scientists are increasingly linking artificial general intelligence to superintelligence, which exceeds human capabilities in all fields.

"If we create artificial general intelligence, I don't see that as a positive outcome for humanity in the long run," he says. "So the only chance of winning this game is to not play it at all."

According to him, current AI models already meet the classical definition of general artificial intelligence due to superior intelligence over the average person. However, technological progress will soon lead to the fact that even the best specialists in their fields will begin to give way to artificial intelligence.

The scientist points out that artificial intelligence can either simply destroy humanity or cause people maximum suffering. The disappearance of the meaning of life is no less dangerous due to the complete replacement of people by artificial intelligence in work, art and other areas of life. According to him, it seems impossible to create reliable protection against a constantly evolving and unpredictable system.

The world believes that humanity will achieve the innovation of general artificial intelligence in 2026, that is, after two years. He points out that this is very close, and we do not yet have effective protection mechanisms against strong artificial intelligence, nor even prototypes of protection against it.

It is noteworthy that Volker Türk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, previously announced that artificial intelligence capable of generating texts or images poses a great danger to humanity. The World Health Organization also urged humanity to be careful when using artificial intelligence.


  1. It raises serious concerns about humanity's future.

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