In Kachin State, the number of war victims has increased to nearly fifty thousand In Kachin State, the number of war victims has increased to nearly fifty thousand

In Kachin State, the number of war victims has increased to nearly fifty thousand

In Kachin State, the number of war victims has increased to nearly fifty thousand
The resurgence of fighting that started on March 7 in Kachin State continues to this day. Because of these battles, rain, Mansi Wainmao, Somprabom, frog Putao, The civil society groups that are helping the refugees said that the number of war-affected refugees in seven townships including Myitkyina has increased by about 50,000.

The military council also said that the number of people fleeing due to airstrikes is still increasing.

"There is no security on the side that is running. Because they are dropping bombs everywhere with airplanes. "

A resident of Mansi, who did not want to be named due to security reasons, told RFA that the entire city of Mansi, home to nearly 8,000 people, is fleeing.

"The war is huge. This side is also attacking. In Mansi, the residents have also fled. No one is there anymore. Ran to Van Mao, He ran towards our village. The main difficulty here is the food. Donors did not come. And food, Shelters. Because now the rain is coming. Some had to run urgently, so nothing came. I was wearing only one piece of clothing and when I ran away, I didn't have anything to eat, utensils, and utensils."

Most of the locals living in the city are Min Khao, Man Wein Than Han He said that they fled to villages such as Mantha, and in those villages, about ten families were huddled together in one house.

At least 30 homes were burned down and at least five civilians were killed as a result of the city-occupation battle that began on May 9 in Mansi.

More than 10,000 people live in Moe Mok, the residents said that they have been forced to leave their homes due to the fighting.

As for those fleeing to areas occupied by the KIA, there is no security because of the military council's air raids, a Momak local who fled himself told RFA.

"There is no security on the side where we are running. Because they are bombing everywhere with airplanes. Three or four days ago, they bombed the new city hospital. The next time I came to that neighborhood. So those who ran in our new city ran again. I had to run back towards the villages. Now there is no safety anywhere. The plane is always in a position to drop a bomb anywhere. If the plane comes, everyone is afraid."

Residents said that the KIA has been attacking the Khmer (437th) Battalion of the Military Council based in Momok City since May 9, so the fighting is intense. During these battles, the military council army air, He also said that there are more than a hundred houses destroyed in Momok due to heavy weapons and arson.

Since most of the residents of Moe Maw flee to Van Maw Township, they may be trapped in the middle of the fighting, so the Van Maw-Myitkyina Highway New Town, It is also said that they are mainly fleeing towards Konelaw village and Saejel Road.

Similarly, in Wyandmao Township, KIA and joint forces have been simultaneously attacking military council camps since May 18. Well, It is said that many local residents of villages such as La My are fleeing.

Residents said that three local residents were killed and 19 others were injured by heavy weapons of the military council in Khatcho village of Wyandmao township on May 21st and 22nd. Similarly, on May 26, one person was killed and 25 were injured when a car fleeing from Shwe Nyongpin village towards Wyandmao town was shot at at the entrance of the town.

Colonel Norbu, who is in charge of KIO news and information, Mo Mak, Mansi gold Wainmao, As the fighting is intensifying in Phakant townships, people are encouraged to live in safe places.

"The struggle must continue until the revolution achieves its goals. We are all trying to free ourselves from the oppressed life of military dictatorship. As KIA/KIO, we have won many victories because of the public's support. Therefore, all the people who avoided the war should continue until our revolutionary tour is over, and then we too must fight. After the public understands that, I want to encourage everyone to pay attention to the safety of their families."

KIA and joint forces in Kachin state, including eight cities, military council military bases, Over a hundred small military bases have been captured and controlled.

RFA contacted State Social Minister U Moe Min Thein, the military council's spokesman for Kachin State, to inquire about the fighting situation in Kachin State and the situation of war refugees, but he did not answer the phone.

A refugee aid worker said that it is difficult to provide adequate aid due to the influx of war refugees in Kachin state.

"Now, due to the situation where people fleeing the war are avoiding the hordes, even though there are many social aid groups, it is very difficult for us to cover these war refugees. Now we can see that it will be more difficult. Because the time of this war is reduced, We haven't seen it yet. And according to our country's weather, the rainy season has entered. It's raining, so these flus, Diarrhea is the beginning, Various. Because of that, it is a more difficult part for war victims. That's why we have a very difficult part with our social support groups and those who help us."

In Kachin State, more than 20,000 people are fleeing the fighting after the military coup, and now there are about 50,000 more people who have fled.

According to the statistics obtained by RFA, from January 2024 to May 21, 2024, nearly eighty civilians were killed by airstrikes and heavy weapons of the Military Council in Kachin State.


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