Signs in a child's behavior that indicate "Tourette Syndrome" Signs in a child's behavior that indicate "Tourette Syndrome"

Signs in a child's behavior that indicate "Tourette Syndrome"

Signs in a child's behavior that indicate "Tourette Syndrome"
Doctors and psychologists have revealed signs appearing in the child's behavior that may indicate Tourette's syndrome and require consultation with a specialist doctor.

Dr. Alisa Gilvig, a neurologist at the Rehabilitation Center affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Health, says: “If stereotypical movements appear in the child’s life that are repeated several times a day, as well as various sounds in the form of coughing, whistling, and others that are not related to his health condition, then this requires consulting a neurologist.” ".

For his part, Dr. Ilya Zaitsev, a psychologist, points out that diagnosing Tourette syndrome is not easy, because it is often accompanied by other diseases. In addition, not all doctors have the necessary qualifications to diagnose it. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate the exact number of people suffering from this syndrome.

According to him, Tourette syndrome is considered an incurable disease, but its development can be controlled with medications, and its consequences are severe.

He says: “When a child reaches puberty, you notice hyperactivity, as he moves actively and has particularly expressive facial expressions. If they are not dealt with in the early stages, 80 percent of his tics develop into psychological illnesses. Therefore, in most cases, they are Bipolar affective disorder.

Tourette syndrome is a hereditary neurological disorder that appears in early childhood. Its symptoms appear in the form of involuntary nervous movements accompanied by repetitive vocal syndromes, such as eye blinking, coughing, throat clearing, and facial movements. Tourette syndrome does not negatively affect intelligence or life expectancy.

According to the American Tourette's Association, 1 percent of the world's children suffer from this syndrome, and it is diagnosed in boys four times more than girls.


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