The “Boeing crisis” continues Will the company address the problems of its aircraft? The “Boeing crisis” continues Will the company address the problems of its aircraft?

The “Boeing crisis” continues Will the company address the problems of its aircraft?

The “Boeing crisis” continues Will the company address the problems of its aircraft?
Boeing has been subjected to many criticisms and scandals due to its aircraft accidents that killed hundreds of people. Is the company really working to solve this problem?

Recently, some Internet sites circulated “shocking” testimonies from some experts in the field of aviation, in which they pointed to problems in some civil aircraft produced by Boeing, as these problems were reported by retired engineer from the Federal Aviation Administration, Joe Jacobsen, and aviation safety advocate Ed Pearson. Who served as a senior manager at the Boeing 737 factory.

Pearson said in a comment on the issue: “In the face of safety, they are risking everyone’s lives and there must be the possibility of accountability.”

Boeing has been under increasing pressure to improve quality control operations since January 5, following the incident that occurred with an almost new Boeing 737-9 Max plane belonging to Alaska Airlines, as the plane's door opened during the flight.

The US Department of Justice also said earlier that it was possible to sue Boeing over two 737 Max plane crashes that killed 346 people about five years ago.

In March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max plane crashed upon takeoff from Addis Ababa Airport, killing 157 passengers and crew.

The accident led to the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the worst crisis in the history of the American Aerospace Industries Group because it followed another accident months ago involving a plane of the same type belonging to the airline “Lion Air” in Indonesia in October 2018, and this accident resulted in 189 deaths.

Also last May, the Daily Mail newspaper reported , citing a warning from the US Federal Aviation Administration, that about 300 Boeing 777 aircraft might explode in the air due to a defect in the electrical wires near the fuel tanks.

The problem includes an electrical fault in the Boeing 777, which could cause the fuel tanks on the wings of the planes to catch fire and explode.

According to what the newspaper reported from a Federal Aviation Administration notice, the defect exists in 300 Boeing aircraft at risk, including aircraft used by United and American Airlines.

The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that fixing the defect in all 292 Boeing 777 aircraft will cost more than $698,000, while the market value of the American company is estimated at billions of dollars.

The US administration issued a warning last March and requested a response from Boeing by May 9, 2024, but it is unclear whether the company has done so.

The CEO of the Civil Aircraft Division at Airbus, Christian Scherer, told the German economic magazine Wirtschaftswoche, “Boeing’s problems may push more people to question how safe flying actually is,” explaining that “this casts a shadow over the entire industry.” .


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