Unclear factors spoil vision Unclear factors spoil vision

Unclear factors spoil vision

Unclear factors spoil vision
Professor Stanislav Ionov from the Faculty of Medicine of the Russian Educational University revealed unclear factors that cause visual impairment.

The doctor says: “Many doctors do not recommend wearing glasses if the myopia is simple and less than one diopter, because the lens adapts quickly, and its convexity changes, and then it becomes very difficult to get rid of this vision defect. And if the vision loss is two or three diopters "You must wear glasses, to avoid eye fatigue, but even in such a case, it is not recommended to wear glasses all the time, because the lens must be trained. Moreover, with age, myopia may simply disappear."

Reading in public transportation can cause poor vision. Especially if the screen is small, and the font is small because the eye lens cannot always keep up with the sudden movement and it is difficult to focus and the burden is on the retina.

According to him, another factor causing poor vision is stress because it leads to disturbance of the nutrition of the retina due to spasm of the blood vessels as a result of the secretion of adrenaline. That is, with increased stress, vision impairment increases.
He says: “Vision can deteriorate with age due to the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels of the eye. Pathological changes in the blood vessels of the retina are also frequently associated with diabetes, when the vessels become stiff due to high blood sugar, which turns into fats, which “In turn, they form plaques that settle and block blood vessels.”

According to him, the use of artificial eyelashes can lead to poor vision, because the chemicals cause redness and irritation of the cornea, an allergic reaction and spasm of blood vessels in the eye.


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