Uncovering the causes of infertility Uncovering the causes of infertility

Uncovering the causes of infertility

Uncovering the causes of infertility

Infertility is a serious and widespread problem nowadays. The causes of infertility are various, including unclear causes.

Fertility specialist Dr. Natalia Petukhova, speaking to Gazeta news, points out that “infertility of unknown origin” is diagnosed by a doctor after conducting a complete examination of the couple and ruling out all possible causes for the health of the husband and wife.

According to her, the percentage of "infertility of unknown origin" constitutes about 10 percent of all infertility cases. Among its causes are genetic factors and genetic characteristics, genetic mutations that affect the quality of eggs and lead to disruption of fertilization processes, and disruption of the growth and development of embryos in the early stages.

In addition, these can be various somatic diseases that affect the functioning of the reproductive system.
“Infertility of unknown origin remains an unsolved problem in the field of reproductive medicine, so research continues to be conducted that aims to reduce its incidence by identifying physical diseases of reproductive importance,” she says.

The unclear causes of infertility are attributed to autoimmune processes, which can affect different stages of reproductive function and lead to decreased fertility. However, the mechanisms of this effect are still not fully understood.

She points out that other possible reasons include personal characteristics: psychological factors, emotional stress, and psychological illness. Because the functioning of the reproductive system may be disturbed against the background of psychological and emotional stress. It is sometimes difficult to determine this problem using automated and laboratory diagnostic methods.

According to her, if pregnancy does not occur within 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without a woman under the age of 35 using contraceptives, and 6 months at the age of 35 years or older, a fertility specialist must be consulted and the necessary tests performed to diagnose the cause.


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