Beware "Trendy" foods that may cause you a serious illness Beware "Trendy" foods that may cause you a serious illness

Beware "Trendy" foods that may cause you a serious illness

Beware "Trendy" foods that may cause you a serious illness

A team of experts has issued a new warning about "trendy" foods that have seen a huge surge in sales due to their alleged health benefits.

Fermented foods, such as kimchi, cheese and kefir, have become increasingly popular due to their purported benefits for gut health, which include improved weight management and heart health.

However, these foods rich in beneficial bacteria may not be suitable for everyone.

In this regard, a recent study conducted by Ohio State University revealed that some fermented foods contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or even sepsis.

One of these foods was found to contain a strain of Weissella, which is linked to infections of the lining of the heart and bones.

Although fermented foods are believed to boost the immune system, people who consume them may already be sick or elderly, making them more susceptible to these bacteria.

"In this scenario, it is safe to take supplements of certain strains of probiotics to restore gut health," Pahi van de Bor, a dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, told MailOnline.

She also warned that “some fermented foods, such as aged cheese and fermented soy foods, are high in histamine, which can cause symptoms including headaches, rashes and gastrointestinal problems in people with histamine intolerance.”

“Fermented foods have become very popular recently, but ultimately there is more evidence for the health benefits of eating whole grains and legumes five times a day than eating large amounts of kimchi,” Van de Bor explained. 

“Some people may experience severe swelling, which can be very painful,” said Dr Manal Mohammed, senior lecturer in medical microbiology at the University of Westminster.

She advised people with weak immune systems, pregnant women, infants, and individuals with digestive disorders to stay away from fermented foods.


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