Death Valley rocks moving behind people's backs! Death Valley rocks moving behind people's backs!

Death Valley rocks moving behind people's backs!

Death Valley rocks moving behind people's backs!

Ironically, man has been able to solve the secrets of the movement of many planets in distant galaxies, but he has not been able to solve the mystery of the rocks that move by themselves in Death Valley, and only their traces are seen on Earth.

Death Valley is located 86 meters below ground level, between two mountain ranges in California, USA, and its area is 13 thousand square kilometers of barren clay land.

Rocks, some of which move in different directions, leaving trails behind them, litter the floor of the ancient dry lake "Raystrike Playa" in Death Valley. This mysterious and hidden movement has not been seen directly, nor has it been able to be photographed at all, which has complicated the mystery, leaving the question of what makes stones weighing some 300 kilograms move, leaving a trail that reaches 250 meters long, remains unanswered.

It is worth noting that the Northern California region is considered the hottest place on the planet. In 2013, a record temperature was recorded in this desert, which amounted to 56.7 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above 50 are common in the region, while the weather outside the valley is cooler. For this reason, Americans have considered this dead land cursed for about two hundred years.

Not all the rocks in Death Valley are capable of movement. Some just move, while others stay put, which adds to the complexity of the phenomenon. Moreover, these rocks “creep” in different directions and on unexpected paths, sometimes changing direction suddenly and turning back.

Scientists assume that the Death Valley rocks move once a year or less, and their traces remain on the surface for several years. These rocks vary in shape, including polygonal, sharp, and rounded, and they leave their traces in a variety of different patterns.

Several hypotheses have been put forward about the secret of the rocks moving in Death Valley, some of which talk about supernatural forces, and others about the influence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Later, a hypothesis emerged that attributed the movement of the rocks to wind, but the rocks in Death Valley are so heavy that no wind, no matter how strong, could move them.

The important development, according to some experts, occurred in the twenty-first century, based on an assumption advanced by the American planetary scientist Ralph Lorenz in 2011. This scientist assumed that the rocks at the bottom of Death Valley move when covered by a crust of ice.

Scientists have tried to conduct experiments in laboratories in which they exposed rocks of different sizes to the effects of wind and ice, but the results were not satisfactory and did not reveal the secret. Some rocks and stones, especially small ones, moved, but in a different way from those observed in the valley. So the question of what makes the rocks of Death Valley move remains stuck in place.


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