Former UFC world champion calls Biden's re-election bid a 'shame' Former UFC world champion calls Biden's re-election bid a 'shame'

Former UFC world champion calls Biden's re-election bid a 'shame'

American fighter Sean Strickland

American fighter Sean Strickland, former UFC world champion, described current US President Joe Biden's participation in the electoral race as a "disgrace."

“It’s a shame that Biden is the candidate,” Strickland said in a statement quoted by Sportskeeda. “You know I’m anti-liberal and anti-democratic, but the fact that they brought this corpse to the stage, gave him a bunch of tranquilizers to put on a calm face, and expect him to represent the United States, that’s ridiculous and a disgrace.”

He added a comment on all of the above, encouraging the former president and Republican candidate, “Forward Trump.”

Last Thursday,  the first televised debate between current US President Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump took place in Atlanta, Georgia . For the first time in American history, it was held without an audience or journalists, and lasted 90 minutes. All major American television companies broadcast this event.

The two competitors from the Republican and Democratic parties expressed their opinions during the debate, which was described as historic, on all local issues in the US and the most prominent global files, most notably  the war in Gaza  , Ukraine  and China .

The American media agree that Biden did not perform well in the first debate with former US President Donald Trump, which took place on the night of June 28 in Atlanta.

The current US president stuttered and took pauses, and did not always express his thoughts clearly. After the event, cameras caught the moment Biden's wife, Jill, helped him down the stairs.


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