Kuala Lumpur protest against ban gathering

Kuala Lumpur protest against ban gathering

Hundreds of people demonstrated - today, Saturday - in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to protest against the government, despite the ban on public gatherings as part of a comprehensive closure to combat the Corona virus, and they demanded the country's prime minister to resign, due to what they see as mismanagement of the Corona virus epidemic crisis.

The demonstrators, who were holding banners reading "Failed government", demanded Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to resign, based on allegations of misleading the king and mishandling the pandemic.

This is the first demonstration in Malaysia in several months, as many people were reluctant to go out due to health restrictions and fear of infection.

Today's demonstration came after calls - last week - in Parliament by opposition deputies and some from the Prime Minister's coalition for him to step down.

Yassin was accused of violating protocol by not obtaining King Abdullah Ahmad Shah's signature on the scheduled end to the state of emergency on Sunday.

The parliament session - which was held last week - was the first this year 2021, after it was suspended last January due to a second wave of the virus.

After the king issued a statement criticizing the government on Thursday, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim submitted a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Yassin.

Public anger against the Yassin government, which took power in March 2020, escalated, as infections in Malaysia increased nearly 8-fold to more than a million despite the state of emergency declared due to the virus since last January.

Corona's daily injuries have increased fourfold since a third closure was imposed last May, so that the country recorded a new high daily toll of about 18,000 injuries today, Saturday.

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