Uyghur muslims in china

Uyghur muslims in china

He pointed out that the experiment was carried out with the use of "restraint chairs," as they restrain the wrists and ankles of the detainees with metal handcuffs, and expose them to the camera.

The engineer presented a guide to the BBC that shows how the artificial intelligence system has been trained to discover and analyze subtle changes in facial expressions and skin pores. The program creates a circular diagram, in which the red part represents a feeling of anxiety, depression, or any negative state of mind that a person is going through.

The report said that after presenting that evidence to the director of Human Rights Watch in China, Sophie Richardson, she described it as "horrific."

“It is a terrible experience,” Richardson said.

The report also noted that Uyghurs must periodically submit DNA samples to local officials and undergo digital scans, as they are forced to download a government app on their phones that collects data to monitor contact lists and text messages.

While some estimates indicate that China contains more than 800 million surveillance cameras.

The report accuses the Chinese company Huawei of being involved in this crime by providing the Chinese authorities with the technology necessary to exert further repression of the country's ethnic minorities.

An American research group known as IPVM has claimed that Huawei and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have filed a patent for a face recognition system, which is able to distinguish people according to their ethnicity through cameras.

Huawei denied the accusation, and confirmed that it "does not use technology to suppress any member of society," stressing that it is "independent in its work from the Chinese government."

For its part, the Chinese embassy in London did not respond to a request for comment from the BBC, while the Chinese embassy in the United States rejected these accusations, and said in a statement, There is no so-called sentiment monitoring technology, and it is not tested on the Uyghurs. These allegations are total absolutely untrue. According to the report.

The Chinese province of Xinjiang contains about 12 million Uyghur Muslims, who are subjected to severe repression and constant monitoring of all details of their lives, with the aim of changing their beliefs.

Previous leaks revealed that more than a million people in "concentration camps" were subjected to repression, severe pressure and torture methods aimed at ensuring their loyalty to the Chinese authorities by forcing them to convert their religion.

Meanwhile, the authorities deny these accusations and assert that they are merely "rehabilitation" centers whose aim is to fight terrorism and separatists in the region.
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