Qatar's foreign minister urges Taliban to accept foreign assistance to operate airport

Qatar's foreign minister urges Taliban to accept foreign assistance to operate airport

Qatar's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said that the Taliban's refusal to allow a foreign security presence at Kabul Airport is hampering international efforts to keep the transportation center open after the United States ends its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The minister stressed - during an interview with the Financial Times - that what Qatar is trying to explain to the Taliban is that the airport's safety and security require much more than just securing its surroundings.

After NATO, Washington commends Qatar's humanitarian efforts and its role in facilitating the evacuation of Americans and foreigners from Kabul

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani urged the movement to accept outside assistance to operate the airport, because airlines cannot travel to Kabul without meeting certain security standards.

He added that we have no objection about who is operating the airport, but what we and Turkey should focus on is that the operation is at the level of the required security standards, and we hope to reach an agreement.

He stressed the importance of dealing with the Taliban, and said that there must be an international consensus on whether governments would consider recognizing a Taliban-led government.

The minister stated that the Taliban should show if they are willing to fulfill their commitments and form an inclusive government, and to enter into talks with all Afghan parties.

He stated that it was not clear what the new Afghan regime would look like, and the percentage of representation of all parties in it, but the Taliban said it was ready to take steps that would not return Afghanistan to the old era.

He added that after the suicide attack last Thursday, there were some contacts and cooperation regarding the fight against terrorism, with Doha acting as a mediator between Washington and the Taliban.
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