United States of America, After the Pentagon announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan

United States of America, After the Pentagon announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan

After the Pentagon announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Washington: We established a new team to lead the next phase, starting from Doha

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the end of what he described as the most difficult stages in the country's history, after the Pentagon announced the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, which the Taliban considered a historic moment for their country.

Blinken said in a press statement made by the State Department, that his country has completed the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan and those who cooperated with them, noting that more than 123,000 have been evacuated.

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Blinken added that the battle is now over for US forces in Afghanistan, and that Washington will start a new page, which is diplomacy.

The US Secretary of State indicated the establishment of a new team to lead the next phase of diplomatic work on Afghanistan, starting from Doha.

Regarding the next stage, Blinken said that his country will continue its work to help Americans and Afghans wishing to leave Afghanistan, noting that there are less than 200 Americans still in Afghanistan.

He added that Washington will demand the Taliban to fulfill its promise to allow those who want to leave Afghanistan to leave freely.

He added that the movement will be held accountable if it does not abide by its promise to allow the departure of those who want to leave.

He also stressed that the United States will continue to focus on counterterrorism missions, and that it will continue to deliver aid to the Afghan people through non-governmental organizations rather than through the Taliban.

As for dealing with the movement, Blinken said that his country will work with any future Afghan government based on its actions and not just promises.

Hours before that, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced that its forces had completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of invading the country.

"If the military evacuations are over, the diplomatic mission to verify whether there are more eligible American citizens or Afghans willing to leave continues," US Central Command commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told a news conference.

McKenzie confirmed that his forces damaged aircraft, armored vehicles, and an anti-missile defense system, making them inoperable again.

The American general - who follows Afghanistan to the scope of his command's operations - added that the disabled equipment includes 73 aircraft, stressing that "these aircraft will not fly again."

Following this announcement, US President Joe Biden stated that the world would hold the Taliban responsible for their pledge to provide safe passage to those who want to leave Afghanistan.

Biden said - in a statement - that he will address the American people about the withdrawal on Tuesday afternoon.

For its part, the US Federal Aviation Administration said that Kabul airport now no longer has air traffic control services with the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, and that US civilian aircraft are prohibited from flying in the airspace of that country unless they obtain prior permission.

On August 18, the administration announced that American airlines and civilian pilots could fly to Kabul to conduct evacuation or relief flights with prior approval from the US Department of Defense.

US airlines helped transport thousands of evacuees this month, but flew from airports outside Afghanistan.

Biden will address the American people on the withdrawal from Afghanistan this Tuesday afternoon
Taliban position
Commenting on the US decision, the spokesman for the political office of the Taliban, Muhammad Naim, told Al-Jazeera that "the exit of the last American soldier from our country is a historic moment for us and for any people."

"We have no problem with any member of our people or any party," he added, calling on the international community to help the Afghan people in all areas such as the economy, health and education.

The official in the movement denied that it had prevented anyone from leaving the country, but said that the process of leaving should take place in an orderly manner.

He considered that the presence of the opposition in Afghanistan is a natural matter, which is respected by us, and stressed that no one will be allowed to ignite a war in our country again.

The channel also quoted the movement's spokesman, Qari Youssef, as saying that "the last American soldier left Kabul airport and our country gained complete independence."

"We made history again. Tonight the 20-year-old occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and NATO ended. I am very happy because after 20 years of jihad, sacrifices and hardships, I proudly bear witness to these historical moments," said Anas Haqqani, the movement's official in a tweet. ".

Meanwhile, shooting took place in the vicinity of Kabul Airport to celebrate the departure of the last American plane, and Taliban sources said that the airport was completely under their control.

Agence France-Presse reporters heard ceremonial shooting from several locations in the capital where Taliban fighters are stationed, while comrades cheered as they crossed the barriers leading to the Green Zone.
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