Turkish Airlines ranked second on the European continent

Turkish Airlines ranked second on the European continent

In terms of the number of daily flights, with 1007 flights.

According to the report of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation "Eurocontrol", on Monday, regarding flights between November 8-14, 145,512 flights were made during the week, at a rate of 20,787 flights per day.

Irish Ryan Airlines topped the list, with an average of 2,102 flights per day, followed by Turkish Airlines with 1,007 flights, and then German Lufthansa Airlines with 939 flights per day.

The Turkish company "Pegasus" ranked tenth with 398 flights.

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China's industrial output growth accelerated in October

The growth of Chinese industrial output accelerated by 3.5 percent on an annual basis, during last October, amid rising new orders in the domestic and global markets.

The growth of industrial output recorded 3.1 percent on an annual basis, in the previous September, according to data from the National Statistics Authority issued on Monday.

The index of industrial output in China is of importance to the local and global markets, and it measures the extent of the activities of the manufacturing sector in the country, which is classified as the second largest global economy, and the largest importer of crude oil.

In a related context, the National Authority said today, that there was a 4.9 percent increase in sales on an annual basis in China's retail markets, during last October.

According to the Chinese news agency "Xinhua", the authority said that the total value of retail consumer goods sales in the country reached 4.05 trillion yuan (633 billion dollars) during October.

From January to October, China's retail sales of consumer goods reached 35.85 trillion yuan ($5.61 trillion), up 14.9 percent year on year.

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