China's New Map : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's taunt and this advice of former army chief China's New Map : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's taunt and this advice of former army chief

China's New Map : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's taunt and this advice of former army chief

Pakistan tahrik e insaf Attock Jail Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin Pakistan Court : Chairman PTI Imran Khan's judicial remand extended till September 13 China's New Map : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's taunt and this advice of former army chief

India has lodged a strong objection to China for showing Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin and many areas of India inside its border in the new map.

India's Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has told that India has expressed 'strong opposition' to China's 'absurd claim' regarding the map.

This map has been released when a few days ago there was a discussion between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping to resolve the border dispute in South Africa. China has been claiming these Indian areas in the past as well.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi has issued a statement in response to the media's question.

The statement said, “We have lodged a strong protest through diplomatic channels to China's so-called 'Standard Map' of 2023 which has claimed Indian territories.”

The statement further said, “We reject such baseless claims. Such moves from the Chinese side, instead of resolving the boundary question, will only complicate it.”

China's official media has told that China has released this map under 'National Map Awareness Promotion Week'. It will also be adopted by other digital and navigational maps.

What did Rahul Gandhi and former army chief say
After the publication of this map, there is a debate on social media. Opposition leader and former military officer have criticized it.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi talks to reporters at the airport in Delhi on his way to Bengaluru.

During this, Rahul Gandhi said, "I have been saying for years that what the Prime Minister said that not an inch of land has gone, is a lie." I have come from Ladakh. PM Modi had said that not an inch of land has been lost in Ladakh. This is an utter lie.

Rahul Gandhi said, "The whole of Ladakh knows that China usurped our land. The matter of this map is very serious. But they have taken the land. The Prime Minister should say something about that too.

In the public meeting held in Kargil, Rahul Gandhi had said- "China has taken away India's land and PM Modi is not speaking the truth in this matter."

Former Army Chief General Ved Malik has also commented on the new map.

He tweeted on Galwar that the release of the map shows that Beijing has no intention of resolving the military dispute.

General Malik, who was the army chief during the Kargil war in 1999, asked, 'Should India not declare the old status of Tibet and abandon the One China policy?

Jaishankar's answer
Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has described the release of China's new map as its 'old habit'.

Jaishankar was India's ambassador to China from 2009 to 2013. He has spoken to the news TV channel NDTV on this issue.

He said on Tuesday, “Nothing changes just by releasing a map with parts of India. Our government is very clear about what is our area. By making absurd claims, other people's territory does not become yours.

The English newspaper 'The Hindu' has written in its report that in the new map of China, apart from the areas of India, the entire South China Sea and Taiwan have also been shown as part of China. There is a dispute between China and its neighbors in Southeast Asia.

The printing of China's map is said to be an annual exercise, but questions are being raised on its timing. The G-20 conference is going to be held in Delhi from 9 to 10 September, in which Chinese President Xi Jinping may also attend.

Leaders of G-20 countries will also attend it, although Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend.

Xi Jinping is also going to attend the East Asia Conference and ASEAN meeting to be held in Indonesia, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi may also attend.

The leaders of India and China met during the BRICS summit in South Africa last week. After this informal meeting, Delhi and Beijing issued conflicting statements.

In these statements, both the countries emphasized on resolving the deadlock between the army on LAC through dialogue, although there are still wide differences in the positions of both.

On the one hand, the Ministry of External Affairs of India had said that PM Modi and President Xi Jinping have instructed the officials to improve the LAC situation through rapid disengagement and de-escalation.

At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry only said that President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of improving relations.

It has been learned from satellite data that China is further strengthening its military presence in the Aksai Chin region.

The 'Hindustan Times' newspaper has published a detailed report on this. The newspaper writes that it is clear from the data it has received from Maxar Technologies that the Chinese army is building military at six places in an area of ​​15 square kilometers of Aksai Chin.

According to the newspaper, China is building military bunkers and underground facilities here.

This area is 70 kilometers from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and troops were deployed here after the military standoff in May 2020.

The latest pictures of August 2023 show that construction activities are in full swing in this area. Apart from earth moving machinery, new roads, many entrances to underground facilities are also present here.

Analysts believe that the underground facility could be meant to protect sensitive equipment, weapons and command posts from air or missile strikes.

Pakistan Court : Chairman PTI Imran Khan's judicial remand extended till September 13

Official Secret Act Court Judge Abul Hasanat Zulqarnain heard the case in Attock Jail. Chairman PTI was brought before the court to appear.

The court extended the judicial remand of former Prime Minister Imran Khan till September 13 in the  US cipher case against Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan under the Official Secrets Act .

Official Secret Act Court Judge Abul Hasanat Zulqarnain heard the case in Attock Jail. Chairman PTI was brought before the court to appear. Judicial remand was extended for another 14 days after the court ordered attendance. 

After the hearing, Judge Abu Al-Hasanat Zul-Qarnain left Attock Jail.

The government had filed this case against the former prime minister for the loss of the Pakistani embassy document i.e. the cipher in the US and making it public.

The Law Ministry had given permission to conduct the hearing inside the jail and a special court notification has also been issued in this regard. Due to security concerns, the Ministry of Law had issued a notification to hold the hearing in Attock Jail.

The case was heard by Judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain, who yesterday ordered Imran Khan to be kept in jail despite the relief in the Tosha Khana case. The court had also ordered to produce Imran Khan.

Asad Majeed of Cipher fame has been appointed as the new Foreign Secretary
On the other hand, PTI rejected the official decision to transfer the hearing of this case to Attock Jail. In a statement, Tehreek-e-Insaaf said that local and international human rights organizations are also requested to raise their voice effectively against this illegal, unconstitutional and dictatorial move.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Islamabad High Court had ordered the suspension of Imran Khan's sentence in the Tosha Khana case on Tuesday almost two hours late.

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamir Farooq has said in a written judgment that the sentence given in this case is of short duration and the court considers that the petitioners are entitled to suspension of sentence and release on bail.

The court suspended the decision of the trial court on August 5 while accepting the request for suspension of sentence and also ordered the petitioner to be released on bail on furnishing a bond of one lakh rupees.

The hearing, which continued for several days on the request of the former prime minister, was completed on Monday, after which a two-member bench comprising Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Amir Farooq and Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri reserved the decision.

On the other hand, Imran Khan will be kept in jail on the order of an anti-terrorism court judge, so his immediate release does not seem possible. On not being released from Attock Jail, the Tehreek-e-Insaf spokesperson says that Imran Khan was detained 'illegally'.

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