"Globe and Mail": Pro-India hackers attack the Canadian Forces website

"Globe and Mail": Pro-India hackers attack the Canadian Forces website

The Globe and Mail newspaper, citing Canadian Defense Ministry spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier, reported that hackers from India attacked the websites of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The newspaper explained, quoting Daniel Le Bouthillier: “Indian hackers attacked the website of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Indian Cyber ​​Force hacker group claimed responsibility for that.”

The ministry spokesman added, "The web resource is separate and isolated from publicly accessible government and Canadian Department of Defense websites, as well as from internal networks."

The newspaper pointed out that "the pro-Indian hacker group, Indian Cyber ​​Force, published screenshots on its page on the X platform and on its Telegram channel, in which it claimed responsibility for the attack."

Indo-Canadian relations are witnessing tensions after the sudden Canadian announcement that hinted at New Delhi's involvement in the shooting death of Canadian citizen Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nigar on June 18.

The Canadian government also announced earlier that it had expelled an Indian diplomat on suspicion of his connection to the assassination of a Sikh leader in western Canada last June, which prompted New Delhi to respond by issuing an order for a Canadian diplomat to leave .

New Delhi stressed that it had nothing to do with the killing, stressing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi "totally rejected" the charge when Trudeau raised it earlier. The Indian Foreign Ministry also said that "accusations regarding the Indian government's involvement in any violent act in Canada are ridiculous."

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it is concerned about the safety of its citizens in Canada due to "politically condoned hate crimes and criminal violence." It warned its citizens against visiting parts of Canada .

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