The European Parliament intends to adopt a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's operation in Karabakh

The European Parliament intends to adopt a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's operation in Karabakh

The European Parliament announced in a statement that parliamentarians will discuss the situation in the Karabakh region in the plenary session on October 3, and a resolution condemning Baku is scheduled to be adopted.

The statement noted that “on Tuesday (October 3), Parliament will discuss the difficult situation in Karabakh,” and added that parliamentarians will “condemn the unprovoked attack carried out by Azerbaijan.”

According to the information, on October 3, the European Parliament will hold a discussion of the situation with representatives of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency, and a vote on the decision is expected on Thursday, October 5.

The European Union previously held Azerbaijan responsible for respecting the rights and safety of Armenians in Karabakh, and stated that it would take measures against Baku if they were subjected to repression.

On Tuesday, September 19, Azerbaijan announced the launch of “local measures to combat terrorism” in Karabakh, setting the goal of these “measures” as the disarmament and withdrawal of Armenian forces, while Armenia confirms that there are no military personnel on the territory of the Republic of Karabakh, and the restoration of “ Territories liberated from occupation" and "Restoration of the constitutional structure of Azerbaijan".

The day before yesterday, Wednesday, September 20, the two parties reached a complete cessation of hostilities, as part of an agreement stipulating the dissolution and disarmament of the army of the Republic of Karabakh and the imposition of the withdrawal of the remaining units of the Armenian armed forces from the area of ​​​​deployment of Russian peacekeeping forces.

The two parties also agreed to discuss issues of reintegration and ensuring the rights and security of the Armenian population in Karabakh at  a meeting of representatives of the local Armenian population and the Azerbaijani authorities in Yevlakh yesterday, September 21 .

The Polish General Staff denies violating Belarusian airspace

The General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces denied that a National Air Force helicopter violated Belarusian airspace.

A statement from the Operations Command of the General Staff said: "We inform you that today's statement by the Belarusian side regarding a Polish helicopter that allegedly crossed the border is incorrect. This is confirmed by the records of the flight control system and radar stations - such an incident did not occur."

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that a Polish plane violated the borders of Belarus twice, and the information was confirmed through objective monitoring data.

The ministry said in a statement: “Today at 15:02, radar detectors of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces recorded the approach of a Polish plane to the Belarusian border.”

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