Liver disease : Dangerous habits and causes that destroy the liver Liver disease : Dangerous habits and causes that destroy the liver

Liver disease : Dangerous habits and causes that destroy the liver

Liver disease : Dangerous habits and causes that destroy the liver

The liver has a high regenerative capacity thanks to its structure, but this ability has certain limits.

Dr. Natalia Panina, a liver disease specialist and nutrition expert, indicated in an interview with “Gazeta.Ru” that the habits and causes that destroy the liver are: -
1- Excess weight.

She says: “Obesity in itself is a cause of the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and tumors. The fats that are deposited in the liver cells lead to its damage, and in some cases to cirrhosis of the liver and the exacerbation of other diseases.”

2- Medicines and nutritional supplements.

 “Taking nutritional supplements and vitamins indiscriminately, and drinking antibiotics, painkillers, oral contraceptives and even paracetamol in excess can cause toxic hepatitis.”

3- Alcoholic drinks.

 “There are no doses of alcohol that are safe for the liver. A dose of more than 40 g of ethanol is dangerous for men, and more than 20 g is dangerous for women. Regular consumption of alcohol leads to alcoholic liver disease, which eventually causes cirrhosis.”

4 - Foods rich in animal fats and trans fats, which raise the level of “bad” cholesterol, lead to liver and cardiovascular diseases and increase the level of fructose, which contributes to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

5- “Gut bacterial overgrowth” can cause hepatitis.

“This condition is exacerbated by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, poor nutrition, and lack of fiber in the diet,” she says.

Health care : Doctors explain why nasal drops should not be overused

Nasal drops are usually used when suffering from a cold or nasal congestion, because they constrict the blood vessels and thus relieve these symptoms.

But doctors do not recommend using them for long periods of time and randomly, because they cause addiction. These drops initially work effectively, remove nasal congestion, improve breathing, and make the person feel better. But when its effect ends, the swelling and congestion return again.

According to doctors, indiscriminate use of nasal drops can lead to spasm of blood vessels, which in turn leads to headaches, disturbance of attention, concentration, memory, and decreased cognitive abilities. A person's health condition is also related to weather changes.

In addition, irregular use of nasal drops can lead to heart failure. Therefore, people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases should permanently refrain from using it.

Doctors also advise to stop using nasal drops if the condition does not improve within 3-7 days, and to consult a specialist doctor instead of replacing the drops with another type.
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