New study : A modern diet may enhance the chances of millions of women getting pregnant!

A new study reveals that following the keto diet can boost the chances of millions of women getting pregnant.

The keto diet, which prioritizes eating healthy fats and avoiding carbohydrates, is known as a powerful weight loss and anti-inflammatory tool.

Now, researchers have found that it can also lower testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), one of the leading causes of infertility.

Too much testosterone interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries, making it difficult for women to get pregnant.

In this regard, the researchers suggested that doctors should consider the keto diet when treating cases of PCOS.

“We found an association between the keto diet and an improvement in levels of reproductive hormones, which affect fertility, in women with polycystic ovary syndrome,” said Karniza Khalid, from the Malaysian Ministry of Health in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who conducted the study.

The researchers conducted an analysis of seven studies on women with polycystic ovary syndrome who followed the keto diet.

It was found that women with polycystic ovary syndrome who followed the keto diet for at least 45 days lost an average of 11% of their body weight and saw an improvement in their hormonal balance. They also saw lower testosterone levels, thus improving their chances of pregnancy.

Low carbohydrates on the keto diet mean a decrease in blood sugar, which has an indirect effect on blood regulation and hormone production.

Dairy products and organic whole milk are recommended on the keto diet. It also includes limiting added sugars and refined white carbohydrates and only allowing a small amount of fruit.

However, experts say low-carb diets bring cancer risks from eating too much fat and protein.

Grand Clinic : A doctor reveals the relationship between bacteria, mood, and intelligence

The gut microbiome is directly linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, which affects a person's mood, psychological and emotional intelligence, weight gain, and the development of some diseases, including cancer.

According to Dr. Olga Schoppo, Scientific Director of the Grand Clinic Network for Immune Rehabilitation and Preventive Medicine, “Above all, the gut microbiome is a community of microorganisms (ancient and contemporary bacteria, fungi, viruses) that exist in symbiosis with humans.”

She says: “When a person takes antibiotics, they kill the components of the microbiome, which affects the production of hormones and vitamins necessary for the normal activity of the human body. Therefore, after taking these medications, the person may experience chronic fatigue syndrome, and in general this is a mutual relationship between the depletion of microorganisms and chronic fatigue syndrome.” .

The doctor points out that the gut microbiome affects the metabolism process, and this means that a person, based on the type of microorganisms he possesses, can gain or decrease weight. It has also been scientifically proven that there is a relationship between some components of the microbiome and cancer.

According to her, probiotic preparations sold in pharmacies become harmful when used for a long period. Because they are in fact specific bacteria, and continuing to eat them leads to the body producing antibodies to them, which may cause inflammation and competition between bacteria in the intestine. 

Health Council : “Blink more.” The Saudi Health Ministry provides its advice when using electronic devices

The Saudi Health Council announced that closing and opening the eyes while using electronic devices helps protect them from dehydration, and this was considered advice to users to avoid the harmful effects of using devices.

The Saudi Health Council recommended that all users of electronic devices, while working on them, close and open their eyes by blinking frequently in order to moisturize the eyes and reduce dryness in them.

For its part, the Acuvue website mentioned a number of tips for those who wear contact lenses , and said that the effects of the digital screen on the eyes may be more noticeable . Therefore, they should follow these tips to keep the eyes comfortable in front of the screen.

The first of these tips is to blink constantly and completely because it helps keep contact lenses moisturized.

In addition to taking a break every 20 minutes and looking away at different distances from the device. Finally, drink plenty of water to keep the body as hydrated as possible.
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