A coach in the Saudi League is involved in receiving commissions

A coach in the Saudi League is involved in receiving commissions

Sports legal expert Ahmed Al-Sheikhi revealed a shocking surprise regarding one of the coaches of the Saudi Roshen Professional League.
The Saudi Roshan League has become one of the strongest competitions in the world, after the resounding deals that began in January 2023, after Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nasr Club.

Al-Sheikhi announced, through his official account on the “X” platform, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, that a coach working in the Roshen League was involved in receiving “illegal” commissions.

The Sports Lawyer revealed that this coach has strong relationships with some agents, as he received commissions and financial benefits in exchange for including players in the ranks of his club.

Ahmed Al-Sheikhi indicated that club officials discovered these violations and tried to terminate the coach’s contract.

The source refused to disclose the identity of the technical director, and Al-Sheikhi suggested the following in his tweet: “Handing over the powers of selecting players to the coach on the pretext that he is a ‘technical director’ without discussing it and without verifying the (conflict of interest) is a big mistake. We need to scrutinize it, especially in the coming period.”

For his part, sports journalist Rakan Al-Harithi commented on Al-Sheikhi’s post, saying: “It was clear from the beginning, I hope the fund dismisses the management along with the coach, and refers them for investigation.”

The Saudi Investment Fund owns 75% of the shares of 4 clubs in the Roshan League, namely Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ittihad, and Al-Ahly, as a first step towards privatization.

“The Harasser” Hermoso breaks her silence and reveals exciting details about the “famous kiss” scandal

Spain national team star Jennifer Hermoso finally came out to talk about the famous “kiss” case, which preoccupied the football and legal community, following the Spain national team’s victory in the Women’s World Cup.
The former president of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, due to his controversial behavior with the Spanish national team star, Jennifer Hermoso, disturbed the elite celebrations of winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup for the first time in its history, at the expense of his English counterpart, after defeating him with a single goal, scored by striker Olga Carmona, at the minute. 29 hours of the first half of the final match, which took place on Sunday, August 20, at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

During the distribution of gold medals to the players of the Spanish national team on the podium, Luis Rubiales (45 years old) hugged the Barcelona player, Jennifer Hermoso, in a surprising way, and then he kissed her on the mouth in front of everyone in a more exciting way, and he was subjected to harsh criticism because of his behavior, and he was forced to submit his resignation. later.

Jennifer Hermoso had previously spoken about the issue of Luis Rubiales' kiss, but she was subjected to many interpretations and changes in the course of speech, which exposed her to attack on social media platforms at the time.

Jennifer Hermoso gave her statements before the Public Prosecutor’s Office about the “scandalous” kiss incident involving the former president of the Spanish Football Federation, and Telecinco obtained her statements, in which she said: “I did not even expect this. How could I expect anything from "Like this on this stage after the World Cup final? There were a lot of emotions and joy, but I did not expect this at all. I don't know why he committed this act. When I got off the stage, I told the players about this."

She added: "I shook hands with the Queen and hugged her daughter. Rubiales was next. First I hugged him, then he jumped on me. The only thing I remember are his words: 'We won the World Championship thanks to you'. The next thing I remember is his hands on my head and his kiss on the lips."

Hermoso revealed: “When I was in the locker room, they approached me and asked me to leave. There was a lot of talk about this kiss. I said: I know what’s going on, and it’s not good.” I pulled myself together and continued celebrating with my teammates. "I didn't want to regret it later because I didn't enjoy this moment."

She continued: "There was complete silence on the bus. I was shown a statement in which I did not say a word. I was told that the scandal had begun. I felt forced."

The Spanish player continued: “Rubiales (in the dressing room) tried to change the subject and said that we can go to Ibiza as many times as we want, all paid for. He grabbed me and touched me on the shoulder because I was standing next to him. I felt uncomfortable and saw that something more serious was going on.” "It's happening. What happened was not normal. It was never normal."

She continued: “On the plane, Rubiales said that I should help him and record a video because they call him a harasser. He told me to do it for the sake of his two daughters who were crying.”

In response to the question: Was the kiss consensual?

"No. I felt disrespected, as a player and as a person," Jennifer Hermoso responded.
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