Cameroon: Around ten dead after a landslide in Yaounde

Cameroon: Around ten dead after a landslide in Yaounde

In Cameroon at least ten people lost their lives on Sunday in a landslide in the Mbankolo district of Yaoundé, and many others are missing.

According to rivers, an artificial lake created years ago gave way under the pressure of the torrential rains experienced by the political capital in recent days

The surge carried away the earth and mud which buried around twenty houses.

The incident occurred around 7 p.m. According to a river, it was a wall created to block the passage of water which gave way.

On site, residents are struggling between pain and shock following this tragedy.

Rescue operations are underway to try to find survivors and recover the bodies of the victims.

An investigation was launched to determine the exact causes of the landslide.

Cape Town's Muslim community supports 

Demonstrations in support of the Palestinians took place in several Middle Eastern countries, but also in South Africa. 

Between 600 and 800 people from Cape Town's Muslim community gathered at the Al-Quds Mosque in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Israel and the Gaza Strip are at war after Hamas launched a surprise military offensive on Saturday morning, which fired thousands of rockets, infiltrated fighters into Israeli territory and captured Israelis. More than 700 people were killed on the Israeli side and more than 400 on the Palestinian side, according to provisional reports. 

Shakiy Shahid Esau, former MP, denounces Western support for Israel: South Africa was also obliged. The liberation movement had to take up arms to make an impact. The international community has imposed sanctions against South Africa and we see that the same Western countries that supported South Africa during the apartheid regime, supported the colonizers and oppressors of our own people in South Africa. South. These are the same people who now support Israel against the Palestinian people.

On the Palestinian side, Hamas' surprise operation, called Al-Aqsa Flood, took place after Israelis stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in recent days and because of the number of Palestinians killed by Israel in recent months.

Fierce fighting continues between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces in at least three areas of southern kibbutz territories in Karmia and in the towns of Ashkelon and Sderot.
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