Former US intelligence chief: Israel's operation in Gaza will be a more dangerous version of the Mogadishu battle

Former US intelligence chief: Israel's operation in Gaza will be a more dangerous version of the Mogadishu battle

David Petraeus, a former head of the CIA, said that the Israeli army would face greater difficulties if it entered Gaza than the US army faced in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
Petraeus added, in an interview with Politico newspaper: “The Israeli army there will face suicide bombers, explosive devices, ambushes, and mine traps. Fighting for it in the streets of the city will be more difficult and complicated.”

"New York Times": Postponing the launch of the Israeli ground operation in Gaza due to weather conditions
Petraeus believes that even if Gazans are evacuated, there will still be many civilians in the combat zone, and the urban combat environment against Hamas could quickly turn into "Mogadishu, but more dangerous."

The talk here is about the Battle of Mogadishu in the 1990s, also known as the American special operation Black Hawk Down and also known as the Black Hawk plane crash, during which the American army suffered heavy losses, which later became a cited narrative.

A source in the Turkish presidency responds to reports that Türkiye is preparing for an operation in Gaza

A source in the Turkish presidential administration, speaking to a Novosti correspondent, denied reports about Turkey's preparations for military intervention in the situation in the Middle East, describing them as incorrect.
The source said: “This is an absolute provocation aimed at casting a shadow over the mediation efforts made by Ankara since the beginning of the escalation.”

The source added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan "are conducting continuous diplomatic telephone contacts every day to reach a ceasefire."

Earlier, reports appeared in Turkish media outlets opposed to the current government and on accounts on the X platform (Twitter), stating that Turkey is preparing for military intervention in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian factions over the Gaza Strip. 

On October 7, Hamas launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood,” during which thousands of rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, and specific operations were carried out, including storming several settlements on the Gaza Strip, and street war clashes took place between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces, which responded by launching Operation “Iron Swords.” Violent air strikes were launched on the Gaza Strip.
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