Protecting the Jews is a priority Germany : We will resort to all means to deport Hamas supporters Protecting the Jews is a priority Germany : We will resort to all means to deport Hamas supporters

Protecting the Jews is a priority Germany : We will resort to all means to deport Hamas supporters

Protecting the Jews is a priority Germany : We will resort to all means to deport Hamas supporters

Germany intends to use all legal methods to deport "Hamas supporters" from its territory. She stressed that protecting Jewish institutions is her top priority.

German Interior Minister Nancy Wies said on Sunday that her country will resort to all legal means to deport Hamas supporters on its territory.

She added in statements to the German newspaper "Bild" that protecting Jews in Germany is her country's top priority, stressing the need to strengthen the security of Jewish institutions in the country.

She confirmed her country's intention to take "firm" steps against Hamas supporters (in Germany), indicating that it "will never tolerate violent, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric."

She explained that the government is determined to resort to all legal methods to deport Hamas supporters from Germany.

On the other hand, the German authorities in the capital, Berlin, prevented a group of nearly a thousand people from demonstrating in support of Palestine.

A group of demonstrators gathered in Potsdamer Square in solidarity with Palestine.

The German police asked the demonstrators to disperse due to a decision prohibiting demonstrations.

Attempts to demonstrate ended with the German police arresting some demonstrators after confrontations between the two sides.

Because of their positions in support of Gaza, MSNBC excludes its most prominent Muslim broadcasters

The American channel MSNBC removed 3 of its Muslim presenters from the screen, in response to American and Israeli pressure over its coverage of the Israeli aggression in Gaza.

Without any explanation, the American channel MSNBC removed three of its most prominent Muslim broadcasters from the screen, coinciding with the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The " Semaphore " website said that the American MSNBC expelled Mehdi Hassan (a British-American of Indian origins), Ayman Mohieldin (an Egyptian-American), and Ali Velshi (a Canadian of Indian origins).

Some of the channel's employees expressed their concern about these moves, especially since the three broadcasters had deep knowledge of the dimensions of the conflict.

An MSNBC official strongly disputed any notion that anchors were being marginalized in any way.

The channel's journalist, Mohieddin, has deep knowledge of the Palestinian issue, as he covered the situation in the Gaza Strip for two years. During the 2021 aggression on the Gaza Strip, he asked a direct question to the former Israeli ambassador to Britain, Mark Regev, about whether he was ready to admit that Israel may have committed war crimes in Gaza? This sparked angry Israeli reactions against the network.

Before that, in the 2014 aggression, Mohieddin was a correspondent in Gaza, and after covering the beach massacre that resulted in the death of 4 children who were playing, he wrote a series of tweets on the “X” platform, including a tweet in which he said: “I spent 45 minutes watching family members being informed one by one that their children. They were killed in an Israeli bombing on the Gaza port. Immediately afterwards, the network announced its removal from coverage.

NBC executives offered no concrete explanation beyond vague "security reasons."

The network retracted its decision one day later, according to what was reported at the time by the New York Times .

During the outbreak of the aggression on Gaza in 2021, MSNBC executives privately expressed their discomfort with hosts Hassan and Mohieldin over their coverage.

The network's latest move to exclude the three broadcasters comes at a time when MSNBC has turned into a platform of strong solidarity with Israel after the October 7 attacks.

Over the past week, she was subjected to a lot of American and Israeli pressure, pushing her to shift more towards Israel in her coverage.

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