Weibo requires big V accounts to display their real names; current political news becomes the focus of review Weibo requires big V accounts to display their real names; current political news becomes the focus of review

Weibo requires big V accounts to display their real names; current political news becomes the focus of review

Weibo requires big V accounts to display their real names; current political news becomes the focus of review

Sina Weibo recently issued a notice to users with more than 1 million followers that it will require "real-name registration at the front desk" before the end of October. Before the end of December, users with 500,000 followers will also be subject to the same policy. It is reported that current affairs news such as the party, government and military have become the focus of online review. At this point, the names, occupations and IP locations of influential big V users are all at a glance.

The so-called big V front-end real-name system refers to the real names and occupations of big V users who have certain influence on Weibo, and their real names and occupations will be changed from back-end registration and filing to personal information displayed on the front-end. The Weibo username "Hong Rong" with more than 3.5 million fans posted on Saturday (14th) that before the end of October, the real names of self-media accounts with 1 million fans will be displayed on the front desk; in December, 500,000 self-media accounts will display their real names; Media accounts display their real names at the front desk; 100,000 self-media accounts must display professional information at the front desk after completing real-name authentication in the background.

It is reported that the first areas to be covered include finance, entertainment and society. In response to this, Internet commentator Bi Xin said in an interview with Radio Free Asia on Monday that the fact that social platform V users are required to use real names at the front desk shows that the authorities have launched all-round monitoring of the network: "Real names must be used both front and back, which reminds me of If you report online, basically no one will dare to report. It used to be that most people reported anonymously, but now you are required to report with your real name, so who would dare to report. At present, China's surveillance, including censorship of speech, is all-round and has no blind spots. From communications, the Internet, and even gas stations in some areas, controlled knives are used and purchased, and even kitchen knives are classified as controlled knives.”

Party, government, military and current affairs become the focus of network review

Recently, a big V user received a notice from the "Weibo Service Specialist", "In order to further implement the self-media user management regulations, self-media accounts with more than 1 million fans need to be real-named at the front desk before the end of October, and all platforms on the entire network will implement it uniformly." . Taking Weibo as an example, your real name needs to be publicly displayed on your Weibo profile page. Synchronize and let you know in advance.”

The notice stated that accounts in fields that focus on sharing personal daily life, such as food, beauty and other fields, are not affected by this real-name requirement, but accounts in current affairs, finance, entertainment and other fields must have real-name accounts.

Bi Xin said that the authorities' move was to maintain the stability of the regime: "Those who have an impact on his regime must use real names. Those who have an impact on his economy cannot use real names. Certain personal acts of violence cannot use real names." From the background real-name system proposed in 2011 The front desk volunteered, and now all the front and back offices have real names. Under this situation, telecommunications fraud, online defamation, etc. have not decreased, but have increased. The illegal use of personal information has increased a lot."

Network monitoring covers cities and rural areas to households

In the past two decades, from the Skynet Project cameras all over China's streets to the Xueliang Project in rural areas, the Android system in domestic TV sets has collected information about users' connected home appliances and can scan them every ten minutes.

According to data from the Cyberspace Administration of China, a total of 100 billion pieces of so-called illegal information were punished in 2020. Based on this, the average number is 30 million pieces per day. In an interview with this station, Mr. Gao, a netizen, said that the government’s control over the people is everywhere and now everyone is transparent. He said: "Chinese people are very transparent. If you look at WeChat on your mobile phone, you have to upload your ID card before you can pay. When taking a train, you have to show your identity verification name to buy tickets. When you enter important occasions, you have to see your ID card. , including going to the court. Now Weibo is implementing a real-name system at the front desk, which is nothing more than making personal information more transparent, so as to save them (the government) trouble in their work. When checking you, they also need to check your IP address. Now you can know Zhang San Li Si at a glance, so you don’t have to go to the backend again. investigation."

In July, the Cyberspace Administration of China’s official WeChat public account “CyberChina” issued a “Notice” to strengthen the management of “self-media” and effectively prevent “self-media” counterfeiting. If the account information contains the names or logos of party, government, or military agencies, news media, or administrative divisions, it must be manually reviewed. If counterfeiting is found, relevant services shall not be provided.

From "grid members" to "micro-grid members" China's grassroots surveillance is upgraded again

"Grid members" in China's grassroots communities are becoming increasingly active. From the initial grid member to the current "micro grid member", with the deepening of management and control, the delivery boy has been developed into a "mobile micro grid member". Recently, a community grid member in Deyang went door-to-door to collect information from residents and reminded residents to discuss international and current affairs topics.

Recently, the WeChat chat group and the Meituan social platform posted a "Notice" issued by the Huanglianqiao Neighborhood Committee of Tianyuan Street, Jingyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan to the residents of the community, saying that in accordance with the requirements of superiors, grid management of the communities under its jurisdiction will be carried out. "Recently, I have The community will arrange for grid members to go to the community to collect personnel information from door to door. We hope that community residents will actively cooperate." The issue date is October 9.

Li Hong, a resident of another community under the jurisdiction of the same sub-district office, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia on Monday that the neighborhood committee of their community also issued a notice that grid workers would come to collect information this week, and asked residents to be cautious in their words and deeds online and install Anti-fraud software: "What they check, check the Internet. Tell adults and children not to go on WhatsApp, not to go to Twitter, not to go to Facebook, not to go to Telegram, and not to discuss the war between Hamas and Israel, not to talk about the war outside, don't talk about it , don’t speak, don’t comment.”

Our station called the Huanglianqiao Neighborhood Committee of Tianyuan Street, Jingyang District, Deyang City, but no one answered. The reporter turned to the Tianyuan Subdistrict Office of Jingyang District to inquire. The staff who answered the phone said that the grid staff came to promote the download of anti-fraud software.

Reporter: "The grid officers have been visiting your door these two days. What kind of information are they mainly collecting?"

Staff member: “They come to your door and ask everyone to download the anti-fraud APP. I don’t know much about other work.”

Reporter: "Every mobile phone needs to be downloaded?"

Staff: "I don't know much about this. You call the community and they will know, because we are the street office here. If we want to know, we need to communicate with the community."

Delivery boy developed into "invisible guardian" of grid worker

After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, local governments have strengthened the grid management of residential communities. The early "grid members" have evolved into "micro-grid members", which are likened by the authorities to the "nerve endings" or "invisible guardians" of society. wait. In many urban communities in China, delivery boys have been developed into micro-grid workers. While delivering goods, they must also understand the family situation of customers.

In March this year, Sichuan's "Pengzhou Politics and Law" issued an article that "micro-grid solid" governance refers to strengthening grassroots terminal governance units through demarcation, empowerment, reshaping the grassroots organization mobilization system, and integrating multiple forces to improve grassroots effectiveness. Governance style. That is, the community's general grid, general grid, "three-level division" micro grid and "autonomous division" exclusive grid. The work and service content of the microgrid leader (member) is divided into three categories and eight specific responsibilities, including discovering and reporting hidden risks, reactionary propaganda, cult-related, illegal preaching and other political and security risks; social security, damage to public facilities, etc. situation, clues to illegal and criminal activities such as violent debt collection, illegal pyramid schemes, pornography, gambling, drug trafficking, theft, robbery, and illegal mining of sand and gravel, possible or ongoing individual extreme cases, and mass incidents; public safety, data verification, and caring services , such as collecting and reporting social conditions and public opinion, assisting in mediating conflicts and disputes, etc.; publicity and mobilization, and participating in emergency response, emergencies, security and stability maintenance.

Chengdu netizen Mr. You can't have anything to hide, they think it's an unsafe factor. It's like the well-field system, telling you not to move in the circle."

Grid management is another form of Maple Bridge experience

Yuan Xiaohua, a commentator on current affairs in Zhuzhou, Hunan, thinks it is not surprising that Sichuan local governments have strengthened grid management. He told this station: "I often see billboards posted outside a certain community indicating who are the grid members in this area. I have never encountered them myself. His grid management is gradually Spread out and control the whole society. Currently, the Maple Bridge experience is being promoted, and grid management is another form of the Maple Bridge experience.”

People's Daily Online published an article a week ago. As one of the new professions, urban management grid members mainly use modern urban network management technology to inspect, verify, report, and handle problems in municipal engineering (public) facilities, city appearance and environment, and social management affairs. , playing an important role in opening up the "nerve endings" of urban management and achieving refined governance.
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