Putin: We look at the world order differently from Washington, and everyone is equal in our perspective Putin: We look at the world order differently from Washington, and everyone is equal in our perspective

Putin: We look at the world order differently from Washington, and everyone is equal in our perspective

Putin: We look at the world order differently from Washington, and everyone is equal in our perspective

President Vladimir Putin said that the statements of the current American political elite “with their uniqueness and exceptionalism are not surprising, and are a remnant of colonial thought,” stressing that everyone is equal in the eyes of Moscow.
In an interview with the China Central Media Corporation, Putin confirmed that Russia views the global order differently from the United States, based on the principle of equality between countries.

He added: "It is not surprising that the political elite today, for example in the United States, talks about its uniqueness and exceptionalism as an extension of colonial thought, and when they say in the United States that they are exceptional, this means that others are second-class, and if this is not the case, how should we understand it?" Their statements then?

He continued: "Our approach is completely different. We start from the fact that everyone is equal, and every person has the same rights, and the rights and freedoms of a country and a people end where the rights and freedoms of another person or an entire country begin."

Putin stressed that "this is the state of the multipolar world, and this is what Russia seeks to achieve," pointing out that the partnership and interaction between Russia and China on the international arena are based on this principle.

Germany warns of the repercussions of the conflict in the Middle East on its security

German Interior Minister Nancy Visser said that the worsening conflict in the Middle East between Palestinians and Israelis will lead to a deterioration of the security situation in Germany.
Visser added in an interview with the Funke media group on Sunday: “The worse the images from Gaza look now, the greater the danger of mobilization and passion among Hamas supporters (in Germany).”

She pointed out that "the security services are closely monitoring developments, whether on the Internet or in the street."

At the same time, the minister stressed that the German authorities “will not allow Hamas’ terrorism to be glorified and directed against Jews and the State of Israel.”

She said: “This is the line of all of Germany, and at our special conference of interior ministers (of the federal states) on Friday, everyone was agreed on this.”

Visser added that the top priority remains protecting Jews in Germany, as well as Jewish and Israeli institutions, where security has been strengthened.

The Minister stressed the importance of using all legal means to expel Hamas supporters, noting that pro-Palestinian demonstrations are not permitted and are subject to judicial review.

The Guardian warns Ukraine of an imminent disaster!

The Guardian reported that former US President Donald Trump's ideological influence prompted many Republicans in the US House of Representatives to oppose providing aid to Ukraine.
The newspaper explained in its article that this refusal by Republicans to provide military aid to Ukraine will have dire consequences for Kiev.

"As Trump's 'America First' ideology gains popularity in the Republican Party, anti-Ukrainian views have spread among the electoral base and have now infiltrated Congress," the newspaper wrote.

The newspaper noted that "the majority of Republicans in the US House of Representatives still view the aid provided to Ukraine with 'skepticism and outright hostility'."

According to the newspaper, the anti-Ukrainian position of the Radical Republicans prevents the House of Representatives from choosing a new president following the removal of Kevin McCarthy from office .

One of the newspaper's interviewers said that moderate Republicans fear alienating the party's radical wing, which would lead to a repeat of the fate of the deposed Speaker of Parliament.

The article concluded, “The clock is ticking, and Ukraine will not be able to engage in combat operations without obtaining additional aid,” pointing out that delaying supply operations will harm its military operation and counterattack.


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