Sony announces small wireless headphones with superior features Sony announces small wireless headphones with superior features

Sony announces small wireless headphones with superior features

Sony announces small wireless headphones with superior features

Sony announced its new wireless headphones, InZone Buds, which provide them with features that are superior to many of the leading headphones currently available.

According to experts at Sony, the new headphones were specifically designed to be comfortable in the ear and enable the user to use them for long hours. They received a special external design and were equipped with rubber attachments that make them comfortable in the ear holes.

Among the most prominent features of these headphones is the advanced technologies they have obtained, which enable them to conduct an internal scan of the shape of the user’s ear canal in order to deliver sounds to them in the best possible way. These headphones also assign audio tones to the ear based on the InZone Hub PC program, which analyzes sounds.

The InZone Buds have spatial audio display technologies that provide an enjoyable listening experience, especially when watching movies or playing video games that include special sound effects. They are also equipped with internal batteries that enable them to work for 12 continuous hours, and technologies that make them able to exchange data with electronic devices at a rate Delay less than 30 milliseconds.

According to Sony, the new headphones will adopt the Dynamic Driver

Russia : Launching a new application to encourage industrial tourism in Moscow

Moscow city authorities announced the launch of a new electronic application that will help stimulate tourism to the city's industrial areas.
The new “ Open Industry ” application was developed by experts in the Russian “VK” social networking network and experts from the Russian “Open#Mosprom” project, in cooperation with the Russian Strategic Initiatives Authority. Through this application, Russian residents will hope to participate in exploratory trips to industrial enterprises. in Moscow.

Regarding the topic, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Vladimir Yevmenov, said: “In order to obtain a trip to industrial facilities in Moscow through the application, the user needs to earn points through some tasks and activities that he performs through social media networks, such as watching some video clips, participating in some educational tests, and completing creative tasks.” ".

He added: "The application is still in its initial stages and through it it is possible to visit 20 industrial institutions, such as the Moslift elevator development factory, the Ochakova soft drinks factory, and some bread factories and meat factories in Moscow."

Yevmenov pointed out that the "Open #Mosprom" project, which was launched in 2019, involved more than 14.6 million people, and within its framework, more than two thousand virtual trips were organized online to introduce Russian industrial facilities, and more than 500 educational courses were also held within its framework.

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