36 Rohingya immigrants stranded in the Bireuen area of ​​Aceh

36 Rohingya immigrants stranded in the Bireuen area of ​​Aceh

Banda Aceh : As many as 36 Rohingya ethnic immigrants were stranded in Gampong Matang Pasi, Peudada District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh, they were accepted by the local community.

"Yes, it is true that around 36 Rohingya people landed in the Peudada area of ​​Bireuen Regency," said Laot Aceh Commander Miftach Tjut Adek, in Banda Aceh, Monday.

Miftach said, they landed in the waters of Bireuen Regency at around 06.00 WIB Monday. Currently, these Muslim immigrants are placed temporarily in local village prayer halls.

Based on the report from the Bireuen Social Service Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana), the 36 Rohingya immigrants consisted of 14 men, 12 women and also 10 children.

Miftach said that the immigrants landed on their own on land without being monitored by the local fishing community. It was only discovered after they arrived on land, and assistance was immediately provided.

After that, the immigrants were served quite well by the local community, including providing food and drink to the refugees.

"The fishermen found out after landing, were then helped and treated like guests, taken to the meunasah (recitation hall) to be given food and drink. Then they reported it to Muspika," said Miftach.

For information, Panglima Laot is an Acehnese traditional maritime institution that oversees fishermen in Aceh. All problems related to the sea in Aceh cannot be separated from the authority of this institution.

"6 year old boy stabbed 26 times": Murder case in America due to Israel-Hamas war

Israel-Hamas War: A 6-year-old child was stabbed 26 times with a knife. The investigation revealed that both victims in this brutal attack were targeted by the suspect because of their being Muslims and because of the Middle Eastern conflict involving the Hamas-Israelis.

The murder in America is being linked to the Israel-Hamas war.
Washington:Protests are being seen in many countries regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Even in America, some people are seen standing in support of Israel and some in opposition. According to AFP news , meanwhile, an attack has come to light in America in which a Muslim woman and a six-year-old boy were stabbed dozens of times. In this case, an American landlord has been accused of murder and hate crime. Police are linking this case to the war between Israel and Hamas.

It is being told that a 6 year old child was stabbed 26 times with a knife . The child, who was stabbed 26 times, died at a hospital, but the 32-year-old woman, believed to be his mother, is expected to survive, according to a statement from the Will County Sheriff's Office. "The investigation revealed that both victims of this brutal attack were targeted by the suspect because of their being Muslim and because of the Middle Eastern conflict involving the Hamas and Israelis," the statement said. The statement also said that this murder incident took place 64 kilometers west of Chicago.

The sheriff's office did not specify the nationality of the victims, but the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) described the child as Palestinian-American. The woman managed to call 911 while fighting the landlord, authorities said. The Sheriff's Office has named the 71-year-old attacker as Joseph Kazuba.

The child and the woman were stabbed multiple times throughout the body. The Sheriff's Office said, "Inside the home, two victims were found in a bedroom. Both victims had multiple stab wounds to the chest, torso and upper limbs. During autopsies, a seven-inch A serrated military-style knife was removed from the boy's stomach. When police arrived, they found Kazuba sitting on the ground near the driveway of the residence with a wound to his forehead. He was charged with murder, attempted murder and two counts of a hate crime. He was taken to the hospital for treatment before charges were filed.

"This attack has been nothing less than a nightmare for us,"
Ahmed Rehab, head of CAIR's Chicago office, told the media, citing text messages the woman sent from her hospital to the father of the slain boy. "She knocked on the door and his Tried to strangle him, and said, 'You Muslims' will have to die." CAIR said in a statement, "This attack is no less than a nightmare for us."

About 1400 people died in Israel in the sudden attack by Hamas. After firing about 5000 rockets, Hamas fighters entered Israeli territory. They opened fire on people, stabbed them and abducted some people and took them to the Gaza Strip. After this, in retaliation, Israel carried out several air strikes one after the other on the Gaza Strip, in which at least 2600 people are reported killed and more than 5000 people are injured.

Economic downturn has become a trend for Chinese young people to go to Africa to work

The picture shows Cape Town, South Africa; now working in Africa has become a way out for many Chinese young people.

China's economy is sluggish and youth unemployment is rising. Earlier, the topic " Would you consider moving to Africa with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan?" once caused heated discussion on Chinese social platforms. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ), as competition in China's workplace becomes increasingly fierce, working in Africa has become a way out for many Chinese young people.

Affected by language barriers, safety issues, cultural differences and other factors, in the past, except for students majoring in language, working in Africa was generally not considered by Chinese graduates. However, as competition in China's workplace becomes increasingly fierce, Africa is slowly becoming an option. According to the report, there are no reliable statistics on the number and regional distribution of Chinese young people going to work in Africa. But interest in expatriates working in Africa is growing on Chinese social media.

On Weibo, the hashtag " Would you consider sending to Africa with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan? " reached the top of the hot search list at the end of July this year. The number of relevant articles read reached 200 million, and nearly 300,000 people participated in the interaction. On Xiaohongshu and Bilibili, the social platforms where young people gather, some bloggers’ photos of their work experiences in Africa attracted millions of views. In the comment area, many left messages asking how to go to Africa, how to choose a company, and whether the local Security etc.

Public information shows that the unemployment rate of young people aged 16 to 24 in China has been rising this year. From January to June , it was 17.3% , 18.1% , 19.6% , 20.4% , 20.8% , and 21.3% respectively . The data has repeatedly hit new highs since statistics were collected. In August this year , officials announced that they would suspend the release of urban survey unemployment rates for young people across the country by age group, which aroused public concern.

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