Seven nutrients that help prolong life

Seven nutrients that help prolong life

Dr. Lisa Avinskaya, a Russian nutrition expert and member of the Professional Society of Nutrition and Dietetics Experts, revealed the foodstuffs that help improve health and prolong life.

According to her, all food products rich in flavonoids have this effect. Scientific studies conducted by scientists have confirmed this positive effect of flavonoids. It became clear to them that all subcategories of these substances protect the body at the molecular level and are able to protect humans from chronic diseases.

The expert points out that among the foods rich in flavonoids are black and green tea, fresh and frozen fruits, hot peppers, dark chocolate, parsley, thyme, and spinach.

She says: "A person must get used to eating leafy vegetables, fruits, and peppers so that they become among the dishes he eats daily. She also advises drinking at least one cup of green or black tea daily because it is also beneficial."

Doctor: Stress leads to unexpected diseases

Dr. Valentina Baidina, a cardiologist and gastroenterologist, explained what constant stress can lead to.

The specialist points out that constant anxiety and emotions can affect the functioning of the intestines, leading to abdominal pain and stool problems. Continuous stimulation of the nervous system can also cause bouts of nausea and vomiting.

She says: “An attack of nausea is often accompanied by a feeling of dizziness, loss of appetite, sweating, internal tremors, and cold hands and feet. The stress reaction is determined after ruling out more serious health problems.”

According to her, stress can cause a cough, which is considered a type of neurosis and is usually dry without phlegm, and this cough may appear in the form of a seizure and disappear.

She says: “Diseases that are closely related to disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system and stress are called a group of psychosomatic diseases. Although they appear as problems in various internal organs - the heart, liver, intestines, stomach, their main cause is problems in the autonomic nervous system.” .

The doctor attributes digestive system disorders, hyperventilation syndrome with a feeling of lack of air, rapid breathing, joint and muscle pain, and even heart rhythm disturbances to this condition, and advises the need to pay attention to problems with the nervous system and treat them.
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