WhatsApp gets a new feature to increase user data protection WhatsApp gets a new feature to increase user data protection

WhatsApp gets a new feature to increase user data protection

WhatsApp gets a new feature to increase user data protection

WABetaInfo reported that those in charge of the WhatsApp application are testing a new feature that will increase the protection of conversation and correspondence data in the application.

The site indicated that programmers discovered that those in charge of WhatsApp have plans to provide users of the application with a feature that allows them to choose a custom password for their protected chat folder.

The new feature was discovered in the latest beta version “” of “WhatsApp” that was released on the Google App Store, and the WABetaInfo website published a screenshot showing that “WhatsApp” is working on the new feature that it will launch in the future. wabetainfo.com

Thanks to the new feature, the user himself will be able to set a password or secret code to protect the private chats folder. He will also be able to easily find this type of folder within the application. Another important thing is the possibility of using this feature from the “WhatsApp” applications that the user uses from Devices other than the primary device.

The new feature can be tested by participating in the WhatsApp beta program on Android devices after downloading the latest version of the application, and it can also be tested on iOS devices.

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India's Noise launches its first smart rings

The Indian company Noise began launching the Luna smart ring, which has many practical and important features for mobile device lovers.
The new ring has a sturdy structure made of titanium, weighs approximately 4 grams, and has excellent protection from water, enabling it to be used at a depth of 50 meters while diving.

It is equipped with infrared sensors that can measure the user's body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygenation rates. It is also equipped with technologies that help it monitor the user's physical activity, the rates of calories he burns, and his daily sleep rates.

The ring can be paired wirelessly with phones and mobile devices via a free application that provides the user with the ability to monitor 70 health indicators. It is also equipped with a battery sufficient to operate for approximately 6 days on a single charge, and the battery can be charged via a special device.

This ring is available in three basic colors: silver, gold and black, and 7 different sizes, and its price in international markets will be about $180.

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