A warning about an Android application that may give cybercriminals an opportunity to hack your personal information

A warning about an Android application that may give cybercriminals an opportunity to hack your personal information

Cybercriminals can hide behind a calculator app and try to get information about you, experts have warned.
This trick is used in the hope that the user will not even wonder why the calculator app is asking for permission to access phone data.

Usually, the malicious application is downloaded by mistake or thinking it is official. The criminals will then change the app to look like a calculator app as a camouflage.

The Calculator app will then pop up on the screen and ask if it can access your location services.

If the criminal has access to location services, they will know where the phone is at all times, putting you at risk of a privacy breach.

It is important to be careful not to apply this strange order by mistake. You can avoid clicking when it comes to a request that appears to be incomplete, which includes unfamiliar email attachments or messages from unknown parties.

It is also important to understand the appropriate permissions that applications must have. For example, there is no good reason for a calculator application to request access to geographical location, according to Kaspersky experts.

Klaus Schenk, vice president of security at Verimatrix, previously explained to the British newspaper The Sun: “The application may request permissions that do not match its use case. For example, if the calculator application asks for permission to access contacts or the camera.” "It could be a warning sign."

Experts recommend deleting the application from the phone before falling victim to a dangerous and expensive scam.

Elon Musk fears the danger of artificial intelligence if it becomes “hostile to humans”

Elon Musk has been very open about his aspirations to push technology to its limits, from space travel to self-driving cars and more.
But Musk's recent comments suggest he's putting the brakes on artificial intelligence (AI).

While attending an AI Safety Summit at the Bletchley Park wartime code-breaking base, Musk claimed that AI safety is “vital to the future of civilisation”.

This comes just one day after Musk appeared on Joe Rogan's show, where he claimed that artificial intelligence could pose an existential risk if it becomes "hostile to humans."

Politicians and tech moguls gather at Bletchley Park as Oliver Dowden kicks off the first ever AI safety summit. The Deputy Prime Minister launches the conference at the historic wartime code-breaking base where experts debate the scale of the risks posed by the emerging technology.

Quoting British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's tweet, Musk simply wrote: "The safety of AI is vital to the future of civilization."

Rishi Sunak's original post read: “The Global AI Safety Summit starts in the UK today. Here's what we hope to achieve: agree on AI risks, to inform how we manage them, discuss how we can collaborate better internationally, and consider how we can use Safe artificial intelligence for the greater good globally.”

“You have to say, ‘How can AI go wrong?’” Musk said. “Well, if AI was programmed by extinctionists, its job would be to make humanity extinct.”

He said the dangers of programming AI "implicitly" to believe that "the extinction of humanity is what it should be trying to do" was the "biggest risk" posed by the technology.

Musk signed a letter calling for a six-month pause on AI development earlier this year.
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