Pope Francis: The two-state solution is necessary for Israel and Palestine Pope Francis: The two-state solution is necessary for Israel and Palestine

Pope Francis: The two-state solution is necessary for Israel and Palestine

Pope Francis: The two-state solution is necessary for Israel and Palestine

Pope Francis stressed that the two-state solution is necessary for Israel and Palestine, adding that war is always a defeat.
Pope Francis said in an interview with the Italian station RAI: ​​“These are two peoples who must live together. Thus, the wise solution is two states. The Oslo Accords, two states with clear borders and a special status for Jerusalem.”

Earlier, Pope Francis called for the continuation of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and expressed his sadness over the attacks on the hospital and church in the Palestinian Strip.

It is noteworthy that the first humanitarian aid convoy, consisting of 20 trucks, arrived in Gaza on Saturday, through the Rafah center, which is the only border crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

The Pope said, after he finished his Sunday sermon in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican: "I pray and feel close to all those suffering from the hostages, to the wounded, and to the relatives of the victims. I think of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. I feel sad that the Anglican Hospital and the Greek Orthodox Church were targeted."

The war has entered its 26th day since the start of Operation “ Al-Aqsa Flood ,” as the Israeli army intensifies its bombing of people and stones in the Gaza Strip, amid a new interruption of the Internet and communications.

A poll reveals German society's extremism towards Muslim immigrants because of Israel

An opinion poll for the German newspaper "Bild" revealed that more than 61% of Germans were in favor of stopping receiving immigrants from Islamic countries, and that approximately the same percentage expressed their fear of demonstrating against Israel.
The poll conducted by the INSA Institute showed that more than 60% of Germans believe that their country should stop accepting immigrants from Islamic countries.

The newspaper "Bild" wrote the following: "61% now want Germany not to accept people from Islamic countries from now on."

Also, the survey revealed that 60% of Germans feel afraid of the recent anti-Israel demonstrations and actions in support of the Palestinian Hamas movement.

In addition, 77% of survey participants had the impression that more and more people in Germany despise German society, and only 15% had no such feeling at all.

In addition, 41% of participants believe that the German state and society are too naive and lenient towards those who despise Germany.

Finally, in the ranking of fears, political Islam ranked first with a rate of 43%, ahead of right-wing extremism at 34% and left-wing extremism at only 7%.

It should be noted that the survey was conducted on October 30 and included 1,002 people.

A few days ago, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner expressed his concern about what he described as the growth of anti-Semitism in the country, coinciding with a statement to the country's immigrant communities that included provisions on how to behave in Germany.

On October 27, the German News Agency reported that the police in the German capital, Berlin, banned a pro-Palestinian march that was scheduled for the evening of the same day.

Berlin police banned the pro-Palestinian march scheduled to be held and all similar demonstrations until November 6.

The police explained, "The ban came due to the risk that protest participants could openly express anti-Semitic attitudes and show violence toward police officers."

Russia's delegate to the United Nations: Israel is an occupying state and has no right to defend itself

The Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, affirmed Russia's call to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East in order to avoid expanding the scope of the crisis to the entire region, and to work on a diplomatic solution to it.
He said during his speech before the emergency special session of the General Assembly of the World Organization on Palestine: “First, it is necessary to stop the bloodshed and prevent the crisis from sweeping the entire region. Otherwise, the conflict will never stop.”

Nebenzia added: "We call for allowing the mediators to work on finding a diplomatic solution, including the rapid release of detainees."

He said: "Sooner or later, this path will have to be taken (a diplomatic solution), but the question is how many innocent people will die during this time."

Nebenzia stressed that "Israel has no right to self-defense in the current conflict because it is an occupying state."

Nebenzia pointed out that the United Nations does not have the right to give Israel an absolute mandate to carry out a ground operation in Gaza.

The Russian delegate stressed that "the goal of our American colleagues is not only to divert attention from the failure of their policies and shift responsibility from a sick head to a healthy one, and to blame Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian streets in Gaza for all the problems."

He added: “Their mission is also to try to push the Security Council towards legitimizing the Israeli ground operation in Gaza. After all, as we well remember from the situation in the unoccupied zone of Libya in 2011, it was not difficult for our Western colleagues to explain this with a resolution Security Council 1973 in their favor and launched the aggression against Libya.”

“The Council does not have the right to give such carte blanche,” Nebezia stressed.

At the same time, as Nebenzia noted, Russia condemns the killing of Israeli civilians and foreigners who were there. However, the Russian Federation cannot turn a blind eye to the blatant violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, adding that “entire neighborhoods have been leveled to the ground.”

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