After finding drawings of the Star of David France pledges to fight "anti-Semitism" After finding drawings of the Star of David France pledges to fight "anti-Semitism"

After finding drawings of the Star of David France pledges to fight "anti-Semitism"

After finding drawings of the Star of David France pledges to fight "anti-Semitism"

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne vowed on Tuesday to wage a "relentless war" against rising anti-Semitism, after graffiti was found in the capital, Paris.
Borne told the National Assembly, the French Parliament, during a regular questioning session: “The situation in the Middle East does not justify anti-Semitism. Nothing justifies anti-Semitism at all. My government is determined to wage a relentless war against it.”

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Tuesday that the French authorities had recorded 857 anti-Semitic acts since October 7 .

“This is the number of acts of anti-Semitism that have occurred in three weeks so far this year,” Darmanin added. Explaining that "the police and judicial authorities have opened several investigations into anti-Jewish drawings and writings throughout the capital," he pledged to Jewish communities throughout France that "we will protect you, completely, day and night."

AP Michel Euler
The drawings included a blue Star of David printed on many buildings across the capital.

Bolivia cuts off diplomatic relations with Israel and accuses it of committing crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the government of Bolivia announced the severance of all diplomatic relations with Israel, accusing Israel of committing crimes against humanity in its attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani said in a press conference broadcast on Bolivian television: “The Bolivian government has severed its diplomatic relations with Israel.”

Mamani added: "Bolivia condemns the aggressive acts and crimes against humanity committed by Israel in its attacks on the Gaza Strip, and describes them as a threat to international peace and stability."

During the conference, Bolivian Minister of the Presidency, Maria Neela Prada, called for an end to the attacks in the Gaza Strip, which have already led to thousands of civilian casualties, calling for an end to the forced displacement of Palestinians and the crimes against humanity committed in the Gaza Strip.

The move comes after former Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized his country's government's position on the Israeli escalation in Gaza, calling in a post on his account on the "X" platform to sever relations with Israel, "because of the horrific situation facing the Palestinian people."

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Bolivia has severed diplomatic relations with Israel, as it took this step in 2009 in protest against the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

In 2020, the government of then-President Jeanine Anez restored relations between the two countries.

The Israeli war on Gaza continues, resulting in the killing of more than 8,500 people, a toll likely to rise every minute, in addition to the wounding and displacement of hundreds of thousands in the Strip.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that  the toll of the Israeli raids  on the Jabalia camp "exceeded 400 martyrs and wounded" and that many residents of the targeted residential area were still under the rubble.

Eyewitnesses said that " a major massacre occurred in Jabalia camp, " which has the largest population density in the Strip.

It is worth noting that the Israeli army announced last Friday evening the expansion of its ground operations inside the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip, launching massive and violent air attacks that targeted areas north and east of the Gaza Strip.

Russian forces thwart 8 attempts to rotate Ukrainian forces on the southern Donetsk axis

Russian forces thwarted eight attempts to rotate Ukrainian forces on the southern Donetsk axis, destroying enemy vehicles and armored vehicles and inflicting casualties on them.
Oleg Chekhov, head of the press center for the Vostok forces, said: “On the southern Donetsk axis, units of our group of forces, with artillery support, thwarted eight attempts to rotate Ukrainian forces into positions in the regions of Novomikhaylovka, north of Nikolsky, Staromayursky, Novo Zlatopol, Malinovka, and north of Priutnoy. The enemy inflicted losses on its ranks and was destroyed.” Many of his forces.

Russian forces near Staromayorsky also eliminated 160 Ukrainian soldiers.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced yesterday, Tuesday, that on the Donetsk and southern Donetsk axes, 330 Ukrainian soldiers were eliminated and various military equipment was destroyed, including two American Bradley infantry vehicles.
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