Belarus opens a case against Latvian security forces over migrants Belarus opens a case against Latvian security forces over migrants

Belarus opens a case against Latvian security forces over migrants

Belarus opens a case against Latvian security forces over migrants

The official representative of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Sergei Kabakovic, said that a criminal case has been opened in Belarus under the article “Crimes against the security of humanity” based on the actions of the Latvian security forces.
According to him, Latvian security forces pushed migrants across the border into Belarusian territory, and “mercenaries in military uniform on the Latvian borders were distinguished by their cruelty and insanity towards migrants trying to enter European Union countries through the Baltic states, in violation of the requirements of international treaties, including the Convention on Refugee status, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Kabakovic said in a published comment that “the followers of European fascism systematically carry out illegal deportations, acts of cruelty, violence, armed displacement, torture and bullying of foreigners.”

Kabakovic confirmed that some victims die while trying to cross the border, and their bodies are thrown over the fence by the European Union's "punitive battalions." He continued: "This chaos is due to the implicit adoption by officials in the Republic of Latvia of ideas of racial superiority and tyranny, as they believe that the European culture and nation... It is the highest, and must be protected from the influence of other cultures and peoples, and the so-called purity of the nation must be preserved.”

Kabakovic noted that 12 people have already become victims of the prevailing ideology of the Latvian authorities, which promotes racial hatred, discrimination and violence, and for whom attempting to cross the border has become fatal.

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under Article 128 (Crimes against the Integrity of Humanity) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, and the representative told the Investigative Committee that “necessary investigative measures are being implemented.”

At the end of last October, Latvian security forces beat two migrants and forced them to cross the border into Belarus, according to what was announced by the Belarus State Border Committee.

In 2021, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland reported an increase in the number of detained illegal migrants from the Middle East and Africa on the border with Belarus, and accused Minsk of creating a migration crisis, while the Belarusian side categorically denied these accusations, and the Belarusian border guard announced the forced expulsion of migrants by European Union countries neighboring Belarusian territory. According to the Belarusian Border Commission, in 2022 more than 3,800 attempts to illegally expel groups of foreigners from the territory of neighboring European Union countries to Belarus were stopped, with a total of more than 31,000 people.

Orban: Europe needs a new security system acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban considered that the European Union leaders' bet on Russia's defeat in the conflict with Ukraine and "regime change" in Moscow was baseless and that Europe needed a different strategy.
This came in statements made by Orban during his participation in the tenth summit of the Organization of Turkic States , which was held in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on Friday.

Speaking about the Ukrainian crisis, Orban said that the strategy of the European Union leaders “has failed miserably,” and added: “They believe that Ukraine will win and Russia will lose, and after that the leadership in Russia will change and they will negotiate with the new Russian leadership. This is a failed plan. It is very ambitious, but it is "You won't succeed."

He pointed out that, despite this, there is still a mood in the European Union that supports the continuation of the armed conflict in Ukraine, and he said: “The leaders of the European Union want Ukraine to continue fighting, while they will provide it with money and weapons,” stressing that such a strategy is ineffective.

Hungary urges a peaceful settlement in Ukraine and the resumption of dialogue with Russia
Orban considered that Europe needs an alternative plan for Ukraine, which requires a ceasefire and the launch of peace negotiations. He said: “Hungary supports the alternative plan. We call for building a new European security structure that is acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine.”

Orban also expressed his confidence that "the new European security architecture will include Turkey and this will have a (positive) impact on the entire Turkish world," noting that "without Turkey there can be no security in Europe."

Orban also noted the need to maintain economic relations between East and West, rejecting the division of the world into new conflicting blocs.

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