Benefits and harms of chewing gum Benefits and harms of chewing gum

Benefits and harms of chewing gum

Benefits and harms of chewing gum

According to Dr. Natalia Belova, gastroenterologist, frankincense in itself is not harmful to the body, but several nuances should be taken into account.

The doctor says in an interview with Pravda.Ru : “Uncontrolled chewing of gum can lead to negative consequences. Because continuous and intense chewing can cause excessive stress on the temporomandibular joints and lead to pain in the face and head. In addition, excessive consumption of gum Sugar can contribute to the development of cavities and other dental problems.”

Belova advises chewing sugar-free gum to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

She says: “It is recommended to chew gum for no more than 20-30 minutes at a time, and avoid chewing it for about an hour to allow the jaw joints and muscles to relax. But in general, chewing gum without discipline or to avoid unnecessary pressure on the jaws does not have temporary restrictions but may There are barriers.”

According to her, chewing gum also has benefits.

She says: “The chewing movement helps stimulate the secretion of saliva, which helps protect the gums and teeth naturally from the effects of bacteria and acids. In addition, chewing gum can help reduce the level of stress and anxiety, as well as improve memory and concentration. However, the chewing gum must be chosen.” Appropriate visits to the dentist periodically to maintain the health of the oral cavity.

What are the dangers of energy drinks to health?

Professor Zahra Pavlova, an endocrinologist at the Research and Education Center at Moscow University, warned against stimulating the body by consuming energy drinks, as they are dangerous to health.

The professor says in an interview with “Energy drinks are substances that force the body to work at its maximum capacity. A person’s feeling of fatigue is a defensive reaction to protect some of the body’s mechanisms and prevent harm. When a person drinks energy drinks, he suppresses this process in order to continue working.”

According to her, based on a person's characteristics any dose of energy drinks can be fatal.

She says: “There is a characteristic such as aneurysm (aneurysm) - cerebral aneurysm, aortic aneurysm - which means that the wall of the blood vessel swells in part of it, and it becomes a weak point. When pressure or hormones increase, the blood vessels constrict or If it expands, the blood vessel may rupture and the person may die.”

Is there a relationship between breast size and cancer?

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov called for not believing the rumor that the risk of breast cancer increases with breast size.

Myasnikov points out that there is no relationship between breast size and cancer. Because if such a relationship existed, men would not get breast cancer, knowing that 2 percent of cases of this type of cancer are diagnosed in men.

But on the other hand, if the breast size is large, not all pathological changes occurring in it are clearly visible. Errors can also occur during small mammograms as well.

Myasnikov spoke about an unexpected risk factor, which is that, according to statistical data, when a woman's height is 175 cm or more, her risk of developing breast cancer increases.

“But the reason is not known,” he says. “Hormonal changes may affect this.”

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