Champions League top scorers ranking

Champions League top scorers ranking

Manchester United star Rasmus Hoylund succeeded in topping the Champions League scoring charts, after his two goals against Copenhagen during the two teams' Champions League match.

Jude Erling Haaland, Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata each scored two goals on the opening day of the fourth round, sharing the top spot in the Champions League 2023-2024 top scorers, along with Porto player Evanilson, who added a goal to his tally this round.

But all of that went with the wind just half an hour after the match between Manchester United and Copenhagen, where Rasmus Hoylund was able to score two goals to raise his tally to 5 goals, equal to Alvaro Morata, the Real Madrid star.

Results of the fourth round of the Champions League matches and the list of early qualifiers
Champions League top scorers ranking:

1- Rasmus Hoylund (Manchester United) 5 goals

2- Alvaro Morata (Atletico Madrid) 5 goals.

3- Erling Haaland (Manchester City) 4 goals.

4- Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) 4 goals.

5- Evanilson (Porto) 4 goals.

6- Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) 4 goals

7- Julian Alvarez (Manchester City) 3 goals.

8- Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) 3 goals.

9- Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) 3 goals.

Mr. Olympia 2023 Iranian Hadi Chopin’s reaction after American Lunsford’s victory

Iranian Hadi Chopin sparked controversy after American Derek Lunsford won the 2023 Mr. Olympia champion title in bodybuilding, which was hosted by the American state of Florida.
Derek Lunsford was able to achieve first place in the 2023 Mr. Olympia Championship, beating defending champion Hadi Chopin, who finished in second place, thereby avenging his loss to him in 2022.

Nigerian Samson Duda came in third place, followed by another American, Brandon Curry, who came fourth, then another Nigerian, Andrew Jaked, in fifth place.

Hadi Chopin surprised everyone by snatching the second-place medal from his neck and leaving the stage early after the coronation ceremony, amidst the astonishment of his other colleagues, who began parading in front of the crowd.

Derek Lunsford became the first athlete to win Mr. Olympia titles in more than one division, after he won the title in 2021 in the “Mr. Olympia 212” branch, before winning the main Mr. Olympia award in 2023.

Egyptian Mamdouh Al-Subaie, known as “Big Ramy,” was absent from the global event, who won his title in 2020 and 2021, and was content with fifth place in 2022.

Manchester United star's brother arrested

Press reports confirmed the arrest of Dane Rashford, brother and agent of Marcus Rashford, the English Manchester United striker.
According to the British newspaper "The Telegraph", Rashford's brother, a certified player agent, was arrested in the United States of America on charges of domestic violence.

The report explained that Rashford's brother was arrested on October 20 in Miami Beach, Florida, to initially appear in court, and his bail for his release before the pre-trial hearing was set at $1,500.

The report continued that Dane Rashford's charge was registered on October 24 as a misdemeanor battery, which was also defined as "domestic violence."

Dane, 31, will undergo a hearing on November 27 regarding his case.

Dane and Manchester United refused to comment on the matter, while Rashford's family believes that the crisis is on its way to being resolved.

It is noteworthy that Rashford is included in the list of clients of Dyne, the player agency, but his other brother, Dwayne Maynard, is the one whose name was mentioned in Marcus’s last two contracts with the club.

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