Germany announces a doubling of military aid to Kiev to reach $8 billion Germany announces a doubling of military aid to Kiev to reach $8 billion

Germany announces a doubling of military aid to Kiev to reach $8 billion

Germany announces a doubling of military aid to Kiev to reach $8 billion

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced on Sunday that Berlin will double its military aid to Ukraine to reach 8 billion euros in 2024.
Pistorius told ARD television that this step was “a strong signal to Ukraine that shows that we will not abandon Ukraine.”

The newspaper "Bild" reported yesterday, Saturday, that the ruling coalition in Germany intends to double the amount of military aid scheduled for Ukraine next year, from 4 to 8 billion euros.

The newspaper reported, quoting a source in the German Defense Ministry, that “the Budget Committee will take the official decision this week regarding an additional amount of $4 billion.”

In addition, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed, on Sunday, his readiness and determination to continue the dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Polyansky: The Trudeau government is a hostage of neo-Nazi ideology

Neo-Nazi ideology has a very strong influence in Canada, and Justin Trudeau's government is in many ways its hostage, said Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky.
"Unfortunately, neo-Nazi ideology or nationalist ideology has a very large influence in Canada. I think that's clear," Polyansky said.

"Canada harbored many Nazi collaborators, and now they have children and grandchildren, so the incident of honoring Nazi Jaroslav Honka in the Canadian Parliament was not unexpected for Russia - in many respects, Canada acted as the descendants of those same collaborators wanted," he noted.

"The Trudeau government is largely hostage to (Nazi ideology)," Poliansky concluded.

It is noteworthy that the Canadian Parliament had invited 98-year-old Nazi Jaroslav Honka to attend a meeting of Parliament in the presence of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The Speaker of the Canadian Parliament introduced Honka to the audience, amid warm applause from the representatives, as saying that he "fought for the independence of Ukraine and fought against the Russians during World War II," and in fact he was a member of the Nazi "Galicia" squad that committed atrocities against civilians in Poland and Ukraine.

Trudeau later  denied prior knowledge  of this honor, and  the Speaker  of the Canadian Parliament apologized for Honka's invitation and confirmed that it was his personal mistake, and submitted a memorandum of resignation.

The Russian Embassy in Canada said that Honka's invitation to the Canadian Parliament clearly shows the nature of the cliques that Canada supports in Kiev.

Britain : Discussing a cabinet reshuffle to dismiss the Minister of the Interior on charges of disobedience

Sky News reported that speculation about the possibility of an imminent cabinet reshuffle by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could lead to the dismissal of Suella Braverman from the position of Home Secretary.
Sources told the channel that the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle has already been discussed, indicating that “until the cabinet reshuffle is officially confirmed, we will not know for sure whether Sunak intends to oust his interior minister on charges of disobedience.”

He stressed, "We know that it (the ministerial reshuffle) was discussed, and while we do not know the decision yet, the possibility reaches 90% that the amendment will be made on Monday."

It is noteworthy that Braverman was accused of escalating tensions through an article she wrote last week in The Times, in which she accused the Metropolitan Police of following a double standard regarding how it dealt with various protests based on political affiliation.

Sunak has faced calls from the Labor Party to sack his home secretary, while Downing Street is currently investigating how the article was published without the amendments they wanted to make.

The Prime Minister appeared to play down any potential rift between him and Braverman on Friday, saying he had "full confidence" in his Home Secretary.

Yesterday evening, Sunday, Braverman doubled her calls for more action against pro-Palestine demonstrators.

In a series of posts on the website

She added: “The sick, inflammatory and, in some cases, downright criminal chants, signs and paraphernalia that were publicly displayed at the march represent a new low. Anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, coupled with the glorification of terrorism on this scale, is deeply troubling.”.
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