Israel arrests a Palestinian journalist after she was summoned to interview her intelligence services while she was pregnant

Israel arrests a Palestinian journalist after she was summoned to interview her intelligence services while she was pregnant

Israeli forces arrested Palestinian journalist Somaya Jawabra after summoning her to meet one of its intelligence services, this afternoon, Sunday, November 5, noting that the aforementioned journalist is in her fourth month of pregnancy.
Social media pages reported that journalist Jawabra is from Nablus and is also a mother of 3 children, while other pages reported that she is in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Two days ago, the Committee to Protect Journalists announced that the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has become the bloodiest period for journalists covering conflicts in hot spots.

Yesterday, Saturday, the government media office in the Gaza Strip mourned a group of media professionals and journalists who died in the recent ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, bringing their number to 46 male and female journalists as of Saturday.

He confirmed in a statement on his official Facebook account that they "were martyred while being directly targeted by Israeli occupation missiles, and some of them were martyred as a result of their homes being demolished over their heads and their families."

A new list of a group of media professionals who died in Israeli attacks on Gaza while performing their message

The war has entered its 30th day since the start of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood,” as the Israeli army continues to bomb the Gaza Strip in light of international fears of the expansion of the conflict in the Middle East.

The first Egyptian comment on an Israeli minister’s call to strike Gaza with a nuclear bomb

An Egyptian MP and journalist commented on the statements of Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu regarding his call to strike the Gaza Strip with a nuclear bomb and annihilate it as one of the options to eliminate the Hamas movement.
Representative and journalist Mustafa Bakri published on the “X” platform a blog post in which he said: “When the Israeli Minister of Heritage declares that the solution with Gaza is to strike it with a nuclear bomb, and that the Gaza Strip should not remain on the face of the earth, and that Israeli settlements should be established in its place, and the world is silent, shut up.” Tomorrow, they will threaten our Arab countries, country after country, and isolate us, one after another. Where is our nation, where is international law, where is the Security Council?

He added: "Listen, Minister of Ghabra. You and your government are incapable of confrontation. All the Arab people will wear the garb of resistance, and you will be the reason for the end of Israel, after you overthrew all peace options with your own hands. Beware of the awakening of the Arab genie."
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