Jewish rabbi: “Netanyahu is an infidel, and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine.” Jewish rabbi: “Netanyahu is an infidel, and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine.”

Jewish rabbi: “Netanyahu is an infidel, and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine.”

Jewish rabbi: “Netanyahu is an infidel, and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine.”

Rabbi Haim Sofer, dean of the Neturei Karta movement in Britain, called on Russia to intervene and send an army to Gaza to defend it, stressing that Israel has no right to exist and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine.
In an interview with the “Best Say” program via RT , Sofer said: “We condemn the Gaza massacre, the killing of 12,000 people, the majority of whom were women and children. This is a massacre, and the countries of the world, especially Russia and the United States, must send an international army to defend the rights of innocent Palestinians, and prevent the continuation of "The massacre."

He added: "We welcome the truce, but unfortunately it is temporary, and we heard new threats from the Zionists that they will destroy Gaza. We hope to see the Palestinians in Gaza rebuilding their homes that were destroyed by the Zionist terrorist forces," noting that "the majority of Gaza's residents are refugees who were expelled by the Zionists in 1948, We hope that the United States will implement Resolution 194 for the right of return for 7 million Palestinians to return to Palestine to their lives and their country from which the Zionists expelled them.”

Sofer considered that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is an infidel. He eats pork and everything that is forbidden for Jews to eat. He is an infidel and his father is an infidel," pointing out that "the rabbis who talk about the Torah allowing the killing of children and women serve the Zionist cause. The Torah does not allow occupation." Palestine and the Palestinian people, killing innocent people is heinous, and this is unacceptable.”

He stressed that “Israel does not have the right to defend or the right to exist, and this matter is written 100 percent in the Torah,” adding: “The Zionist state is part of America... These evangelical Christians support the Zionist state because they believe that if the Jews establish a state in Palestine, Jesus Christ will come and change their religion.” Jew to Christian, this matter is not a secret. They do not support the Zionists because they love the Jews.”

He said: “We hope for the removal of the Zionist state and for us to live as Jews and Muslims in Palestine and everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, there are Zionist Jews who falsely state the Torah... Success comes in a shared life with the Palestinians,” stressing that “translations of the Torah are 100 percent correct, which states that the establishment of The Zionist state in Palestine is forbidden. The Lord of the Worlds expelled us from this holy land, and we have a divine command to live with Muslims under their wings in peace and coexistence. It is forbidden to establish a Zionist state in Palestine, America, or Europe.”

He continued: "There is one Torah from the Prophet Moses that stipulates that we live with Muslims. There is no other solution for the Jews, without any Zionist identity or special national identity. There is no translation of the Torah that allows the killing of innocents and the establishment of the Zionist state."

Mother of a Palestinian youth in Vermont: My son is motionless and may never walk again 

The mother of a young man Hisham Awartani from the hospital bed
The mother of Hisham Awartani, the Palestinian student who was shot by a gunman and two of his friends in Burlington, Vermont, said that her son may never walk again.
His mother, Elizabeth Price, said that her 20-year-old son, who studies at Brown University in Rhode Island, was shot in the spine, noting that doctors are not sure whether he will be able to walk again.

She added: "I am shaking, I am dying inside. My son is lying motionless in bed, but his spirits were very high at first. However, I believe that will change after he is certain that he will be in a wheelchair," stressing that justice for her means Making sure that the man who shot her son is behind bars, that such crimes do not happen again, and that her son finds a way to rebuild his life.

As for Tamara Al-Tamimi, Kenan Abdel Hamid’s mother, she explained that her son, a pre-med student at Haverford College in Connecticut and a trained emergency medicine technician, is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

She explained that her son fled the scene when the shooting started, and hid and asked for help. So he thought his friends were dead when the ambulance took him, stressing that the situation was very difficult and painful for him, both as a doctor and unable to help his friends.

When asked how they understood what happened, Al-Tamimi attacked what she said was the “dehumanization of Palestinians” in the United States, adding: “For us, decades of inhumane policies and rhetoric on the part of US leaders towards Palestinians and Arabs, including from the administration of President Trump.” Joe Biden, she is the one who caused our children to be in the situation they are in.”

The third student injured in the shooting, Tahseen Ahmed, is enrolled at Trinity College in Connecticut. He remains in hospital in stable condition, police said.

Police identified Jason J. Eaton, 48, as a suspect in the attack and he was arrested at 3:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon, according to a news release from the Burlington Police Department. 
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