One four Aung Thaye public campaign nationwide

One four Aung Thaye public campaign nationwide

On November 11, 2023 in Monywa town, the One Four Aung Thaye public movement was held by the leading committee of the Monywa People's Strike.

Hmong People's Strike Struggle Steering Committee
On the 11th of November, strike forces and pro-democracy activists jointly organized the 1111 Aung Thaye mass movement on social networking sites, including Yangon, and some provinces and regions.

Yangon, Sagaing Tanintharyi In Magway Division and Kachin State, they carried out grassroots activities, and in the rest of the places, they participated with photos from the social network Facebook page.

Pear on the head, Punched in the chest, holding Donate to God, put on the table, hanging in front of the house, It was done in various ways, such as carrying flowers and holding a public strike.

"I have to say that it is the Aung Thaye movement that supports and welcomes the operation led by 1027 of the three northern twin groups."

Ko Min Lwin Oo, leader of the strike committee of Dawei district, told RFA that the Aung Thaye public movement is to welcome the military council soldiers to leave the army and take refuge in the people's arms and to welcome the successes of the battles, including the 1027 operation of the three northern groups.

"The members of the military council who are fighting to the death from the opposite side of the people. An exhortation for members of that party to take refuge in the public's arms, And what is the next thing, because now I have to say that it is the Aung Thaye movement that supports and welcomes the 1027-led operation of the three northern twin groups. It's a movement with those two main ones."

Sal Lingyi from Sagaing Hmong village Khin Oo That's it, Locals said that in some places, including Shwe Bo and Kani, there were also ground movements.

The leader of the Kani Township Spring Revolution Strike Force, Ko Peu Aung Naing, told RFA that the 1027 operation in war-torn areas such as Aya region has given the people of Aya strength.

"Operation 1027 has given us a breather in war-torn areas such as our Aya region. The well-trained and well-prepared troops stood up for the people and rebelled against the dictatorship, which is welcomed by many. Mainly for the people of our upper region, it is too much energy. Activeness also happens"

At a market in Sarlingyi town, the Chindin River Strike Committee and the people joined together to protest the 1027 waves. They left the army and took refuge in the arms of the people. Brother Allies and PDFs, may every battle be successful. Residents said that they held banners with slogans such as "It's not over, it's our turn."

A member of the People's Defense Forces based in Sarlingyi Township said that the public's support activities are a source of strength for the soldiers who are fighting on the ground.

"If we don't have the people behind us, we are auto rebels. We have the people behind us. There are people who support us. There are people who support us by saying that what we are doing is right. It means a lot to us."

A stream in Yangon Even though the military council forces tightened security and prohibited the sale of flowers in some local markets and places, including Yanking Township, Yangon strike forces joined forces to carry out the one-fourth movement.

In addition, Mandalay A resident told RFA that since November 10, the military council has banned the sale of peony flowers in some markets, including in Myengkham.

"As for the craftspeople, they can sell and sell what they usually do. Now, this kind of flower is limited from today. There would be three of them in their civilian clothes. What can't be sold? The day before the day before, they told me in advance. Are you officially arrested today? I haven't heard any news about Syria yet. I hear it's limited."

In the town of Mu Dougyi, this morning, the policemen of the military council told them not to sell marigolds and forced them to remove marigolds from cars.

Ko Chit Win Maung, a member of the working committee of the General Strike Coordinating Force (GSCB), told RFA that despite the tight security of the Military Council, they succeeded in the Aung Thaye movement and will continue until victory.

"The military group went against the wishes of the public, Ignoring the wishes and attitudes of the public, they won. Army, It will only be done for dominance. However, we always believe that we will be able to break through the restrictions of this military group with great intelligence and continue to advance. These also need to be addressed at once."

Residents and members of the ground strike committee said that they had not heard of any arrests for participating in the Aung Thaye public movement until this evening.

Today, along with the people's one-four movement, supporters of the military council also protested in Nay Pyi Taw to protest against the organizations involved in Operation 1027.

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