Russian Defense: Destroying 10 Ukrainian warplanes and neutralizing 5.4 thousand soldiers within a week Russian Defense: Destroying 10 Ukrainian warplanes and neutralizing 5.4 thousand soldiers within a week

Russian Defense: Destroying 10 Ukrainian warplanes and neutralizing 5.4 thousand soldiers within a week

Russian Defense: Destroying 10 Ukrainian warplanes and neutralizing 5.4 thousand soldiers within a week

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday that its fighters and air defenses destroyed 10 Ukrainian warplanes and a helicopter during the past week, while the total losses of the Ukrainian army amounted to about 5,435 soldiers.
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Russian Defense announces the elimination of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and the downing of 208 drones and 31 fighters within a week
This was stated in the Russian Defense Weekly Report, where it explained that 5 MiG-29 aircraft, 3 Su-27 aircraft, a Su-25 attack aircraft, an L combat training aircraft, were destroyed, in addition to a Mi-2 helicopter. 8"

The report added that 4 ATACMS operational tactical missiles, 3 JDAM guided bombs, 3 HARM anti-radar missiles, 51 HIMARS missiles, and 274 drones were intercepted within a week.

The report stated that from October 28 to November 3, Russian forces carried out 15 intense strikes with high-precision weapons and drones, targeting missile and artillery depots and sites for storing weapons and military equipment, as well as temporary deployment points for Ukrainian military personnel, nationalists, and foreign mercenaries.

He added that as a result of these strikes, hangars for preparing Ukrainian aircraft for flight, sites for the production of drones and drone boats were destroyed, and groups of foreign trainers and mercenaries were eliminated.

The following are the most prominent details of the week’s harvest in the main fighting axes:

Kubyansk axis - Russian forces seized more suitable lines and positions and repelled 24 enemy counterattacks, whose losses included more than 755 soldiers, 7 tanks, 8 other armored vehicles, 16 pieces of field artillery, and 2 rocket launchers.
Krasny Liman axis - 20 Ukrainian attacks were repelled, and enemy losses included more than 920 soldiers, 3 tanks, 14 armored vehicles, and five artillery.
Donetsk Axis - 6 attacks were repelled, and the enemy lost more than 1,340 soldiers, 7 tanks, 22 armored vehicles, 19 pieces of field artillery, and 4 rocket launchers.
South Donetsk axis - 4 attacks were repelled, and enemy losses included more than 1,110 soldiers, 7 tanks, 11 armored vehicles, 9 field artillery pieces, and a rocket launcher.
Zaporozhye axis - 8 attacks were repelled in the area of ​​​​the towns of Verbovoye and Rabutino, and the enemy lost more than 760 soldiers, 4 tanks, 26 armored vehicles, 14 pieces of field artillery and a rocket launcher.
Kherson Axis - Thwarting the enemy’s attempts to land and gain a foothold on the left bank of the Dnieper River. Ukrainian losses included up to 550 soldiers killed and wounded, and 11 artillerymen.
Within a week, 28 Ukrainian soldiers voluntarily surrendered to Russian forces
A total of 525 aircraft, 254 helicopters, 8,586 drones, 441 anti-aircraft missile systems, 13,135 tanks and other armored vehicles, 1,177 rocket launchers, 6,967 pieces of field artillery and mortars, and 14,923 private military vehicles.

A public scandal for the German Foreign Minister after her Croatian counterpart attacked her with kisses during a live broadcast

The German newspaper "Bild" reported that Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman caused a scandal after failed attempts to kiss his German counterpart, Annalena Barbuk, during a European summit in Berlin.
The newspaper wrote that while everyone was talking about something else, there was an "attack on German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock  with kisses."

Scenes spread of the Croatian minister trying to kiss her, while Berbock appeared to be trying to get away from him.

The newspaper said that the Croatian Foreign Minister was late to take the photo and appeared at the moment when the other ministers had greeted each other.

“It was a confused attempt to greet each other quickly,” she added, citing those close to Borbock.

The newspaper indicated that the Croatian Foreign Minister apologized for this.

Trump: The United States is losing in Ukraine and we have lost all our allies because of the Biden administration

Former US President Donald Trump confirmed that US interventions in Ukraine are going poorly, and this can be seen in the decline in coverage of the Ukrainian conflict in the US media.
“That means things are bad because they're not talking about Ukraine anymore,” Trump said during a rally in Texas.

He pointed out that the media that spread false information also did not talk about the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

He continued: "No one is talking about Afghanistan. Have you noticed that they are no longer talking about Ukraine either. Because things are not going well , and they are ignoring the things that are not going well."

Regarding Washington's relations with its allies, Trump stated: "They [the allies] are all tied to China and Russia. We have lost everything. We have lost everyone. We are definitely alone on the entire island. But don't worry, I will bring them all back."

He noted that the current US President, Joe Biden , wants to turn the United States "into a poor third world country where electricity is constantly cut off."

Commenting on the energy policy pursued by the Biden administration, Trump added: “The [American] people will literally beg our enemies for mercy.”
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