Wafa Agency: Israeli air force renewed its bombing of several sites in the Gaza Strip

Wafa Agency: Israeli air force renewed its bombing of several sites in the Gaza Strip

The official Palestinian Wafa Agency said at dawn on Saturday that Israeli aircraft renewed their bombing of several areas in the Gaza Strip.

The agency reported, citing local sources, that Israeli aircraft carried out violent raids on the Al-Nasr neighborhood, west of Gaza, and on the Al-Atatra and Al-Sudaniya areas, and north of Beit Lahia, in the north of the Gaza Strip.

It also targeted homes in Beit Hanoun, Jabalia, Al-Nasr neighborhood, the vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza City, and in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of the city.

She pointed out that the Israeli Air Force renewed its bombing of citizens’ homes in the Nuseirat and Bureij camps.

Israeli aircraft and artillery also launched several raids on the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, and in the Al-Qarara area, east of it, according to what the agency reported.

The Director of the World Health Organization expresses his shock over the targeting of an ambulance in Gaza
"Wafa" reported that the bombing, according to sources, killed a number of women and children, and a large number of wounded.

The war has entered its 29th day since the start of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood,” as the Israeli army continues to bomb the Gaza Strip in light of international fears of the expansion of the conflict in the Middle East.

The death toll from the Israeli bombing on the Gaza Strip since October 7 reached 9,227 dead, including 3,826 children, in addition to 23,516 injured.

On the Israeli side, more than 1,400 people were killed, including hundreds of soldiers, noting that Hamas captured more than 240 Israelis.

Israeli analyst: 5 reasons that help Hamas continue firing rockets

Israeli analyst Nitzan Sadan, who specializes in aviation affairs, identified 5 reasons why Hamas is able to continue firing rockets from Gaza, which lie in the location and structure of the missiles, public relations, the attrition of the Israeli army, and the fire management policy.

Israeli analyst Nitzan Sadan, who specializes in aviation affairs, said that there are five reasons why Hamas is able to continue firing rockets from Gaza, despite the ferocity of the Israeli bombing.

Sadan wrote in an analysis on the Israeli news site Ynet, on Saturday: “There are five reasons why the enemies are able to continue firing rockets every day and every night, despite the bombs falling on the Gaza Strip.”

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He said: "The first reason is the location. Hamas missiles are spread over a wide area, and they were built in a way that makes it impossible to know the location of each launch pad."

He added: "The short-range missiles target the Gaza Strip and Ashkelon, while the medium-range missiles target the Gush Dan area and its surroundings," meaning the greater Tel Aviv area.

“The firing is done using a remote control or a timing device, and the militants can fire from a nearby hideout without roaming the area,” he said.

He added: "Long-range missiles, such as those aiming to reach Haifa, are being launched from a reusable underground complex."

Structure of the missile group

The second reason, according to Sadan, is “the structure of Hamas’s missile group, which was designed so that it can operate independently of the state of the command and control systems.”

He added that the militants "only need a command and the remote control of the rocket launcher, and thus fire easily."

He pointed out, "You don't even need to aim. Everything is drilled and pre-set, so even if we eliminate the senior officers, the juniors in the field can still shoot when they are told to do so."

Fire management policy

The third reason, according to Sadan, is due to “the policy of managing fire. Hamas began carrying out the deadly “Black Saturday” attack (on October 7) knowing that it would then slide into a war with the Israeli army, and would not receive reinforcements, nor "It receives ammunition and must use what it has wisely until the end of the fighting."

He said: "The enemy's (Hamas) shooting policy was also designed to continue firing for as long as possible."

He explained, "The militants fire a relatively small number of missiles in each burst, and they choose when to focus their efforts and fire more."

He continued: "They fire the minimum necessary to place large areas in shelters, so the enemy is able to fire even though he has already fired at least half of the stock of missiles that he had before the start of the campaign."

Public relations

Sadan said, "The fourth reason is public relations. Launching rockets is a display that serves an important purpose for the organization, as Hamas is trying to show the Arab world that it stands firmly against the Israeli army, and thus preserve the idea of armed Sunni resistance."

Depletion of the Israeli army

He continued: "The fifth reason is the exhaustion of the Israeli army itself. In the end, there are limited reserves of fuel and ammunition, and a limited number of qualified soldiers, and support and legitimacy can also change, whether in Israel or abroad."

The Israeli analyst pointed out that "locating all the missiles in Gaza would be an unambiguous waste of resources, as there are a large number of armed launch pads ready to be launched, and the appropriate answer is the talented Iron Dome battery crews," that is, working to repel missile attacks.

“They will likely continue firing throughout the fighting, and it is not impossible that we will see a large barrage of missiles as our attack progresses,” Sadan said.

Venezuela: What is happening in Gaza is a process of genocide of the Palestinians

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil described the events in the Gaza Strip as an “extermination” of Palestinians by Israel.
Khil wrote on the “X” website (formerly Twitter), on Friday, that “what is happening in Gaza is a process of Nazi-style genocide. The pictures and evidence that we receive every day show war crimes committed by the State of Israel.”

He added, "Barbarism must be stopped immediately and these crimes must be condemned!"
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