5 million people use the “Rutube” service Russian daily 5 million people use the “Rutube” service Russian daily

5 million people use the “Rutube” service Russian daily

5 million people use the “Rutube” service Russian daily

Those responsible for the “Rutube” service announced Russian users of the service have shown that the number of users of the service has grown significantly over the past two years.
On the subject, Alexander Jarov, CEO of Gazprom-Media, which is responsible for operating the service, said: “The audience for the Russian service Rutube has grown.” Gazprom, bringing the number of users to 5 million people daily, these results are very high.

He added: “Within two years, we were able to reach this result, bringing the number of users to 5 million daily. We started with 60,000.”

Jarov indicated that his company is also continuing to develop the Yappy service, which will be a Russian service similar to TikTok, noting that “foreigners are greatly interested in this platform.”

The website "Rutube" Today, it is among the most important sites providing video viewing services, and a major competitor to “YouTube”.

Russian scientists create a “computer nose” To detect prohibited materials

Researchers from the Federal University of the South have unveiled an innovative bio-hybrid system known as the “computational nose.” It can detect odors with unprecedented sensitivity, thousands of times better than its counterparts.
The new technology is based on the olfactory bulb of a specific animal, where an array of electrodes is integrated.

This biocomputer complex also includes a biological signal amplifier, an analog-to-digital converter, and software based on multiple neural networks.

According to scientists, their innovations can be successfully used in security systems. This development is characterized by low cost, high productivity and efficiency.

In addition, scientists argue that the new system cannot be deceived, like an ordinary trained animal, which can be confused by odors if it is necessary to hide illicit substances.

To experiment with this system, mice were put into medical sleep and placed in a special portable box. The Federal University says there is no threat to the animals' health. The duration of her “work shift” shall not exceed These two hours.

Unlike trained animals, the “computer nose” cannot be fooled. It recognizes materials even if they are "hidden" Behind stronger scents. The computer program reads brain activity and extracts patterns of electrical signals that respond to specific substances.

The hybrid bio-sniffing system is designed to inspect goods and search for prohibited substances, and in just half an hour you can "train" Like this "nose" To learn about any subject.
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