Bezos' vision of 1,000 Einsteins raises great controversy! Bezos' vision of 1,000 Einsteins raises great controversy!

Bezos' vision of 1,000 Einsteins raises great controversy!

Bezos' vision of 1,000 Einsteins raises great controversy!

Jeff Bezos recently revealed his future vision in an interview with Lex Friedman, where he hopes that a trillion humans will colonize our solar system in the future.
The founder of Amazon said: And the president of “Blue Origin” Space Tech: “I would like to see a trillion people living in the solar system. If we had a trillion people, we would have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins. The only way to reach this vision is through giant space stations.”

But, if we accept Bezos's theory of 2,000 geniuses per trillion, we should also look to the dark side: serial killers.

In 2018, professors at Radford University and Florida Gulf Coast University collected the latest data on active serial killers, and there were 12 active serial killers in the United States, where the population that year reached 326.8 million people, which means that about 1 in every 27 million Someone who was a serial killer.

The research also showed a steady decline in the number of serial killers, likely due to increasing sophisticated surveillance technology since active serial killers peaked in the late 1980s.

And if humans colonize the asteroid belt and rotate thousands of space stations to reach a trillion, and Jeff Bezos participates in this, then we can assume that surveillance technology still exists. Using 2018 numbers with a trillion people, we expect to have about 37,000 active serial killers in the observable universe.

In other words, for every Mozart and Einstein born into existence, assuming a Mozart and Einstein prevalence of one in a billion, we would get about 37 serial killers.

Using the 2018 active serial killer numbers and Bezos's "one Einstein for every billion people" rule, assuming that being a serial killer and being an Einstein are completely independent phenomena, and calculating the prevalence of each, we then get the probability that someone is an active serial killer in the same way Einstein - that is, someone who is so good at serial killing that he fundamentally changes our understanding of it - by 1 in 27 quintillion (equal to a million trillion).

And if Bezos' vision of the "Empire of Man" begins, At 1 trillion people and experiencing a population growth rate of 2.2% (as seen in 1963 during the height of the Green Revolution), the human population will reach 27 quintillion in about 800 years.

Revealing the real reason for the “Curse of the Pharaohs”!

It has long been believed that the "Curse of the Pharaohs" It can infect anyone who dares to open ancient Egyptian tombs, including the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Reports spread that Lord Carnarvon, who was responsible for the costs of searching for Tutankhamun, had died five months after the tomb was opened in 1923. It was found that the bite of an infected mosquito caused his death.

American financier George Jay Gould also died of pneumonia after seeing the tomb in the same year, while Archibald Douglas Reed died after X-raying the mummy in London.

However, a leading archaeologist has explained that the mythical curse does not exist, but rather ancient germs could be responsible for the deaths. 

Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities, told The Sun newspaper: “When there is a mummy inside a tomb, there are germs in this mummy that you cannot see.” In the past, archaeologists were in a hurry, and they entered the tombs and were infected with germs and died.

He added: “Just two weeks ago, I found a closed coffin weighing 25 tons about 60 feet underground. The coffin lid was about six tons. Two workers began to open the lid, so that I could stick my head in and see what was inside. When they opened it, I left it there for half an hour so that the bad air would come out and the fresh air would come in, and I would lay my head down. “This is the curse of the Pharaohs.”

Hawass explained that when Tutankhamun's tomb was found, exclusive rights were given to the London Times, leaving other reporters to speculate, and when Lord Carnarvon died five months after the discovery, they made up many false stories about the curse.
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