3 mysterious deaths at an American military base 3 mysterious deaths at an American military base

3 mysterious deaths at an American military base

3 mysterious deaths at an American military base

Mysterious deaths have repeatedly occurred at the US military base Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, which has raised questions.
Newsweek magazine said: The American base witnessed two deaths within two weeks, as last Saturday, a US Army training sergeant named Zachary Milton, 30 years old, was found dead in his car after he missed work.

According to Fort Jackson officials, Emergency Medical Services personnel declared Milton dead shortly after they found him, adding that his relatives had been notified while the US Army Criminal Investigation Division was investigating the death of Milton, who was serving in the 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment.

Milton's death is the second death at Fort Jackson. During the past two weeks, on December 8, Sergeant Allen Bertram, 34, of the 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, was found dead by base members after missing work.

According to local reports, Bertram has been residing at Fort Jackson for the past 18 months and has served in the Army for 12 years.

The Army Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the incident, but said there is no criminal suspicion in Bortram's death.

Thus, the number of deaths at the military base during the year 2023 rises to 3. Last June 12, the body of Sergeant Jaime Contreras (40 years old) was found after he disappeared during a training exercise.

Fort Jackson officials said Contrace was located about 50 meters outside the course boundaries at the time of his death.

According to the base's website, Fort Jackson is the primary production center for the Army's basic combat training, training nearly 50 percent of all U.S. soldiers who enter the service each year, including more than 60 percent of all women who enter the Army each year. 

Poll: 57% of Americans oppose Biden's policy toward the war in Gaza

An opinion poll conducted by the New York Times showed: Siena College stated that more than half of American voters (75%) oppose the policy of US President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.
According to the poll, 36% of participants “strongly disagree” On "Biden's handling of the conflict" In Gaza, another 21% “somewhat disagree,” while only 11% of respondents said they “strongly agree” On Biden's policies in the Middle East.

While 22% of participants “somewhat agreed,” and 11% of American voters who participated in the survey declined to answer or said they did not know the answer to the question.

In addition, (46%) of American voters believe that former US President Donald Trump will be able to manage the conflict in the Gaza Strip, and (38%) trust that the current head of the White House will be able to do so better.

The majority of respondents (54%) said that they strongly support, or rather support, providing additional economic and military aid to Israel, while 38% of respondents opposed this, and another 22% said that they strongly oppose providing additional aid to Israel.

Speaking about civilian casualties as a result of the Israeli war on Gaza, only 30% of participants said that Israel is taking “adequate precautions.” To avoid civilian casualties. While nearly half of the respondents, 48%, believe that the Israeli authorities do not take sufficient precautions to reduce civilian casualties, and 21% of the respondents answered, “I do not know.” Or they didn't answer the question.

The poll also revealed which side of the conflict in the Middle East American voters sympathize with more, and 47% of respondents said they sympathize with Israel, 20% with the Palestinians, and another 13% sympathize with both sides of the conflict, while the remaining 20% ​​of participants answered " "I don't know" Or avoid answering.

The poll was conducted from December 10 to 14 on 1,016 registered voters in the United States, and the statistical error ranged from +/- 3.5 to 3.7 percentage points.
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