China : Ethan Gutman "The number of live organ harvesting from the camps may reach 35,000 each year" China : Ethan Gutman "The number of live organ harvesting from the camps may reach 35,000 each year"

China : Ethan Gutman "The number of live organ harvesting from the camps may reach 35,000 each year"

China : Ethan Gutman: "The number of live organ harvesting from the camps may reach 35,000 each year"

Taking the internal organs of a healthy person and transplanting them into a sick person's body was originally recognized in the world of medicine as an activity to cure the disease and save people, but today it has become an increasingly professionalized business right and even an international crime. Authoritarian countries such as Communist China is known to be playing a leading role.   

China's "Earth Times" reported on December 9 this year that the 7th "China International Organ Donation Conference" was held in Nanning, Guangxi. At the conference, the Chinese side announced that more than 20,000 organs will be donated in mainland China every year, ranking first in Asia and second in the world in terms of the number of organs. It said that from 2015 to the end of 2022, more than 40,000 deceased people in China donated their main organs such as heart, lung, liver, kidney and cornea to the society, and the total number of organs has increased to 120,000. In addition, according to the China Organ Transplant Development Fund (COTDF), more than 6.55 million people have registered for voluntary organ donation. China currently has more than 70 hospitals that perform heart and lung transplants, and while the number of donated organs is increasing, it is not enough to meet the demand.

But China's vicious organ trafficking, whether open or secret, has been going on for years, with prisoners including Falun Gong, death row criminals, and Uyghurs imprisoned in prisons and camps as a source of organ supply, but it has been kept in strict secrecy by China. are becoming dark areas. 

Ethan Gutman, a senior researcher at the Victims of Communism Memorial Fund and an expert on organ trafficking in China, testified in the U.S. Congress about the heinous organ trade in China. At a medical expert meeting in Colorado, Uyghurs in China were imprisoned in prison camps on a large scale, and some of them were victims of organ trafficking. He heard that it had turned. He explained about this and said: "In 2023, the US National Assembly proposed a bill to ban the forced removal of internal organs. I played a role in the presentation of this bill. Because I stayed in Kazakhstan for several months and interviewed some witnesses. At this time, most of the Kazakhs were still in the camp. I interviewed those who left the camp and came to Kazakhstan one by one, and learned about the situation of those who went missing in the camp. They said that those who were taken in the middle of the night were 28 and 29-year-old people, and in China's view, this is the best time to get living organs. The data I have obtained is almost the same as the hypothesis of the witnesses, that is, it can be said that 35,000 people are taken from the camps for living organs every year. I reported my research results at the "International Heart and Lung Transplantation Conference" held in Denver, and about 4,000 doctors who perform organ transplants heard it on the spot.

Researcher Ethan Gutman also expressed his suspicion that the fate of those returned to China from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan was related to the crime of harvesting living organs: "I think another important issue is the number of Uyghurs deported from Tajikistan. Tajikistan is the only Central Asian country to sign the ICC Convention, so the ICC has the responsibility to investigate the situation in Tajikistan. But who investigated the reasons for the expulsion of Uyghurs expelled from Tajikistan? Most of them work in Tajikistan, 85 percent of them were sent back to China, about one-third were deported, and about 2,500 of them disappeared without a trace. The same situation happened in Kyrgyzstan, but the number of Uyghurs here is more. It is said that 4,216 people disappeared out of 4,700 to 5,000 people, that is, 87 percent of the people were annihilated. These are the things that happened in Central Asia. I don't have exact information about Kazakhstan, but I believe that the above data alone means a big tragedy and a small disaster. 

On December 28, in a video published on X on Doin about the horrors of organ transplants in China, there are very few people who can harvest internal organs in time in China, so from December 2022, 22 units will be established in China to train such people. Even though 100 people have been trained in one place, 2000 people have graduated and started working. Their job is to take the internal organs from anywhere, put them in a special organ storage box, and deliver them to the hospital. Questions have been raised about the increasing number of missing children and others. In China, it is required to disclose the information of voluntary organ donors to the public, to confirm that they have indeed donated organs voluntarily, and to punish individuals and organizations involved in organ trafficking with the death penalty and confiscate their property; Only by eliminating organ theft and murder can China's youth be encouraged to have children, it has been pointed out.

China is the most common name in social media reports of organ-trafficking, a crime that has become normalized in China and is known to be spreading to other countries around the world. Some experts argue that in the world of organ transplant surgery, it is considered normal, and the misconceptions such as "brain death is real death" that are considered to be true in the medical field, and thus the beating heart and breathing lungs of people whose brains have stopped working for some reason are being drained.
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