Hamas: The Zionist massacre in Al-Maghazi is an extension of the war of extermination against children and civilians Hamas: The Zionist massacre in Al-Maghazi is an extension of the war of extermination against children and civilians

Hamas: The Zionist massacre in Al-Maghazi is an extension of the war of extermination against children and civilians

Hamas: The Zionist massacre in Al-Maghazi is an extension of the war of extermination against children and civilians

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" condemned the Israeli bombing of a residential square in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, which resulted in the deaths of 70 people and the injury of dozens of civilians.
Hamas said in a statement: “This evening, the criminal Zionist occupation committed a horrific massacre in the Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip by bombing several homes, claiming the lives of 70 of our people in an initial toll, in a new war crime that is an extension of the war of extermination it is committing against children and defenseless civilians.” ".

The statement added: “This treacherous and cowardly bombing against those who are safe in their homes is an attempt to restore the image of its defeated army, which is supported by the administration of President Biden, the first partner of the Zionist entity in its crimes and fascist aggression.”

The government office in the Gaza Strip announced that 70 people were killed and dozens injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted 4 inhabited homes in the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that the number of victims of the Israeli bombing on the Gaza Strip since October 7 had risen to 20,424 dead and 54,036 wounded.

The government media office in Gaza confirmed   that the Israeli army is misleading civilians and forcing them to move to areas where it bombs and kills them.

The war in Gaza has  entered its 79th day , as Israeli forces continue to bomb cities and governorates in the north and south of the Strip amid violent clashes on all fighting axes.

Despite the continuing fighting, the Israeli army claims to impose “operational control” over the Jabalia camp

The Israeli army announced the discovery of a large network of tunnels belonging to the Hamas movement in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip, where the bodies of five Israeli prisoners were recovered earlier this month.
The army said in a statement: “In recent weeks, the army forces were able to achieve operational control over the Jabalia refugee camp area, which is one of Hamas’ centers of gravity in the Gaza Strip. The fighting in the camp included fierce battles during which many militants were eliminated and hundreds of combat weapons were found.”

The statement continued: “As part of the operations, and based on prior intelligence information, the army forces, in cooperation with the engineering unit and the “Yahloum” unit, revealed a strategic tunnel network that served as the northern headquarters of the Hamas movement in the town of Jabalia,” and the statement added, “The headquarters includes Two underground levels - the first at a depth of about 10 meters and the second at a depth of tens of metres, and in a focused intelligence effort.”

He added: “The tunnel network includes many branches, and was used to manage the fighting and the movement of terrorists through it. Weapons, ammunition, infrastructure for producing weapons, and emergency accommodation rooms were found deep inside the military headquarters. The network was connected to a tunnel opening that reached the house of the commander of the Northern Brigade in Hamas.” Ahmed Al-Ghandour, and the aforementioned network was dug under the ground of a school and a hospital as a suitable location for taking shelter in it.”

The statement indicated that "through the intensive intelligence effort earlier this month, led by Unit 504 of the Military Intelligence Authority, the fighters were able to monitor and recover the bodies of five of the Israelis kidnapped on the seventh of last October, when the bodies were transported to be buried in the cemeteries." .

The Israeli army confirmed that “the underground command headquarters was destroyed upon completion of the aforementioned mission,” and the statement stressed that “the destruction of the main command headquarters in Jabalia is part of the efforts aimed at dealing with Hamas’ tunnel infrastructure and targeting the movement’s senior leaders and its strategic capabilities, and it continues.” These efforts are unabated, knowing that they are currently taking place in Khan Yunis and the southern Gaza Strip as well.”

For his part, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, confirmed that 35 vehicles were completely or partially destroyed, 48 Israeli soldiers were killed, and dozens were injured with varying degrees of injury during the past 4 days.

Israel announced the killing of 15 soldiers during the past 24 hours in battles in the Gaza Strip, at a time when the “Al-Qassam Brigades” announced through new data that it had killed or wounded a number of Israeli soldiers in strikes in Juhr al-Dik and Jabalia.
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